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The Amazing Power of Music!!

By Coach Phatty, published on Apr 6, 2013 another way that music can affect people in a way that many of us aren't even aware of...its healing power! Numerous clinics, hospitals and rehab centers have recently realized that music may have more of an effect on some people that they ever knew. Music can be transforming. The video that is included in this story is a fantastic illustration of the transforming power of music. Watch how the power of music totally transformed this old man’s state of wellness into something wonderful. It’s inspiring, beautiful, and heartwarming. The power of music…it truly is amazing!


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Music is what feelings sounds like.

By Angie Alaniz, published on Sep 17, 2010

...the music, I highly recommend the sound track, but prepare yourself for the strong and powerful emotional ride the music alone gives you. There is a reason that the German officer, Hosenfeld, helped Szpilman after hearing him play Chopin’s “Ballade in G Minor,” – because of the power of music. Hosenfeld was so moved by the beauty and intensity of the musical performance that he did something that went against his training and chose to help Szpilman. He did this because Hosenfeld wasn’t a robot, but a real person, and there really are powers that can move a human being instead... (more)

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