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When Soldiers Come Home There's America Helping Heroes

By BusinessLife, published on Jun 2, 2011

With a number of ways to help our military men and women already available, you may also want to become familiar with America Helping Heroes with chapters across the U.S.

America Helping Heroes is touted as working neighborhood by neighborhood to do whatever they can to prevent the needless hardship that can fall upon returning troops and their families.

According to the organization's website, the focus is on military members and their families and the multitude of challenges that face them and even carry with them following war.

The goal of every community chapter of... (more)

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Abandonment And P T S D

By Edward, published on Aug 28, 2009

After 9-11 I didn’t want to kill anyone, I didn’t even want revenge.  I just wanted to help its victims.  So I began to volunteer.  There I was trained in what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is and how to work with and help those with it. 

In the game of life one of the biggest players is our emotions. Feelings can make a person become jealous and words of love can make a soul willing to give anything in order to have that love. Being betrayed by love is hard! Many people who have been betrayed by love have committed suicide because of the pain. People who kill themselves do not do so... (more)

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