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By Barbara MacDonald , published on Aug 2, 2013

...valley of my soul

I lay my conscience bare

Waiting in patience

For wisdom, strength, healing

To climb this summit again....

Lovingly embracing this solitude

The dawn of another day

Fruitful with possibilities

The spirit of gentleness

Before the world opens

It's eyes to awaken ...

Feeling the sunlight like love

Caressing , cascading

Embracing me

Filling the hollow ... (more)

Tags: grace, dawn, possibilities, summit, valley, beginnings

Navigating A Path Towards The Future

By jonpercepto, published on Nov 5, 2011

The future is the summation of all the steps it will take to get there. The destination is the direction pursued to reach a goal that defines some kind of horizon beyond which nothing can be seen. Any further attempt to be more specific about its dimensions would distort the possibilities.

As the journey progresses, the horizon will change and always be just out of reach. Trying to jump ahead too quickly can disrupt the sequence and balance needed for stability as the movement towards the future proceeds.

Seeing a situation coming a few milliseconds before it happens... (more)

Tags: future, journey, inspirational, opportunities, possibilities, horizon

Can you keep a secret? I really mustn't tell.

By BusinessLife, published on May 31, 2011


Oh, I must confess that it is a torturous pleasure that I keep to myself.

Now, let me not try to fool you.

I know that I have no real love for this man.

How can this exist between hours of never being in his company?

Feelings, they come and go.

But possibilities between an exchange of words are what we share.

He just isn't aware.

So, keep my secret, will you?

I'll tell you one more thing.

The truth is he's at the door and knocking even as I write this.

Will you come with me as I answer the door to my heart?

... (more)

Tags: poetry, relationships, romance, fantasy, creative writing, gillean smith, possibilities, pretend

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