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Breaking Chains

By JennyT, published on Nov 10, 2013

Melded personality unrecognisable from the person that I was it seemed only moments when deciphering me wasn't possible chained, your shackles left no room for movement ~ for me to be myself without a smile I bid hello to mornings blew goodnight kisses to the moon with loss in my eyes

how did I let this happen as if I was invisible no thoughts, no rhyme or reason allowing my identity to vanish but I'm here, trapped, exploring ways to escape without a broken heart ungluing myself from your control my existence does not need your breath to smile once more at the moon and sun

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Tags: poetry, relationships, thoughts, prose, possessive, control, understanding oneself

Jealousy, Obsession, and a Crazy Girlfriend

By Ely North, published on Apr 10, 2013

Dear Ely,

My new girlfriend is jealous, obsessive, and possessive. She reads my e-mails and goes through my phone to check my calls, texts, and pictures. She gets furious if I talk to other women. I think she might be psychotic, and I know she’s dangerous. “If you leave me, I’ll hunt you down.” “If I ever catch you with another woman, I’ll kill the bitch. Then I’ll kill you.” These are the types of things she says to me every day. We’ve only been dating for a few weeks! I want to get away from her, but I’m afraid she’ll actually carry out her threats. She carries a... (more)

Tags: humor, funny, advice, possessive, relationship, obsessive, girlfriend, jealous

The Zebra and The Lion - Embracing the capture

By taking off the mask, published on Aug 26, 2010

“You are mine! You belong to me” he said in a strong possessive voice, while shooting his finger and pointing at me and then to himself.

It was all a plan.

He had it figured out. Executed perfectly.

Well, I mean, it had to be perfect because it worked.

Was I the "zebra" and the man the "lion?"

Me, his captured prey?

Or, was I the kitten that's been touched by a human's hands only to be tossed away?

I sat there. Not sure whether to cry or accept finality.

“You will be my wife, if not now later. We are destined. Do you have any idea... (more)

Tags: marriage, love, trap, accepting, possessive

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