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Human Wrongs

By Anastasia , published on Jun 14, 2011

Judges must beware of hard constructions and strained inferences, for there is no worse torture than that of laws.

So wrote Sir Francis Bacon four hundred years ago. Not that much has changed; for some laws are torture and the interpretation of law even more tortuous, the interpretation specifically of the Human Rights Act. This legislation, part of the European Convention on Human Rights, was swallowed whole by the government of Tony Blair, which allowed it to pass into British law without any attempt at digestion. The result has been a huge stomach ache, with a headache added as a... (more)

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Bunga Bunga and the Heart Stealer

By Anastasia , published on Jun 12, 2011

...dissimulation and deception, blue dresses and all. I would ask you to think big and think large; I would ask you to think of Italy and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Silvio certainly thinks big. At the moment the 74-year-old premier and publishing tycoon, who has dominated Italian politics for almost as long as Mussolini, a man whom he admires, is involved in no fewer than three corruption cases and a trial in which he is accused of paying for sex with an underage girl by the name of Karmina El Maharoug, of Moroccan birth.

Actually, she is better known to her many fans... (more)

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Egoistic Fraud and Capitalistic Vainglory

By Caballero_69, published on Jun 11, 2011

...fiber of the electorate. The modern source of this delusive outlook is Ayn Rand. Though primarily known as a novelist, Ms. Rand expounded an alluring philosophy she called Objectivism. As she explained it, philosophy had five components: Metaphysics, Epistemology, Aesthetics, Ethics, and Politics [].

The latter two components will be discussed and disputed here.


“Man—every man—is an end in himself, not the means to the ends of others. He must exist for his own sake, neither sacrificing... (more)

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The Irresistible Rise of Marine Le Pen

By Anastasia , published on Jun 9, 2011

It's impossible to imagine a greater contrast between the father and the daughter. The father is Jean-Marie Le Pen, the old bruiser of the French far-right and the former leader of the National Front. Though he took his fascist-style front a long way in the fractious politics of France, his xenophobic skin-head brand was in the end just too gauche for the nation of political chic, locking him into a perpetual ghetto of loyal voters; so far and no further. The daughter is Marine Le Pen, a lawyer, well-dressed, personable and charming. Earlier this year she came top in a leadership poll after... (more)

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The Third Confederacy

By Caballero_69, published on Jun 7, 2011

...there once existed something called the Confederacy or more fully The Confederate States of America. Fewer, though perhaps still many, may know that during the first twelve years of its existence the entire United States was a also Confederacy. As it is commonly understood in application to politics and government, confederacy refers to a compact or league for mutual support or common action; a close synonym is alliance.

The Confederate States of America is the best-known American confederacy. The structure of its government bears a brief explanation. The CSA Constitution combined... (more)

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The Face of South Africa

By Anastasia , published on Jun 6, 2011

...and the potential weakness of democracy in South Africa.You see, it's not Helen Zille who is the racist, not her who advances a Nazi-inspired ideology based on exclusiveness and prejudice. No, it's Julius Malema and he's not white - he's black. A fairly notorious character in South African politics, he heads the ANC's youth wing. Last year he visited Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe, full of praise for the dictator's 'de-colonialisation' programme, which has all but wrecked the economy of what was once one of the richest countries in Africa. While he was there he entertained his hosts by... (more)

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A Patriot's Progress

By Caballero_69, published on Jun 6, 2011

The path of one’s life often seems a long and winding road when one pauses to take stock and reflect on where one has been and what one has undergone to arrive where one happens to be at a point in time. What seemed to be only severe trials might appear upon reconsideration as mysteriously bestowed opportunities; setbacks and shortfalls as they viewed in the instance might now reveal themselves as safe harbors?

When one embarks from the City of Destruction and meanders toward the Celestial City, one undergoes a process of growth and development. In this context, where one started and... (more)

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Thank you! Mr. President

By Caballero_69, published on Apr 29, 2011 to energize and mobilize.

In the face of all this dishonorable maneuvering to undermine the legitimacy of our most uniquely named and distinctively appearing president and suppress the registration or voting of groups statistically likely to vote for him, those among us who view politics as something capable of honor have a crucial and compelling challenge. We resoundingly and repeatedly must call bigotry by its correct name. We must denounce race baiting and demand those practicing it cease and desist.

As the SPLC HATEWATCH newsletter states –

“Perhaps the... (more)

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Thy Brother's Keeper

By Paul Wylie, published on Apr 19, 2011

Americans tend to think of the here and now when it comes to what should and should not be legalized. Ask the average person, and many will agree that 'crimes' such as smoking pot, prostitution, gambling, and even polygamy are not activities that warrant the intervention of the government. The laws outlawing these practices are legitimate targets for review and reversal, but if we really want to reform the justice system, we'd better get a team together that will review some of the stupidest laws on the books that you can be imprisoned for even today.

Taking into account that a full... (more)

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Why We Need Independent Oversight Of Congress

By Paul Wylie, published on Apr 19, 2011

The Committee on Standards of Official Conduct generally has jurisdiction to investigate members of Congress and whether or not they have committed an ethics violation such as receiving inappropriate gifts, gifts or money from foreign entities, or bribes from lobbyists. They have many rules regarding the use of free private corporate transportation, vacations that are disguised as fact finding missions, and even rules as to what stocks may be owned by a serving member of Congress.

The Committee touts it's many investigations and resolutions of various complaints against House members,... (more)

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