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America, Times Two

By Randy Mitchell, published on Nov 8, 2012 convince his supporters otherwise. But, the next four years will be a wake up call. I only hope it’s not too late and the damage can be reversed.

Our nation is more divided than ever before. It needs to find its way back together and re-learn what makes us Americans to begin with. Anger and frustration over political indifference only serves those who wish to destroy instead of create and grow, and my prayer is for the healing to begin.

This article is meant to be a general discussion and not intended to single out any particular person.

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Focus On The Good

By Randy Mitchell, published on May 18, 2012

No matter who you work with, marry, be-friend, date, parent, or live beside, sooner or later there’ll be personality traits which you don’t agree with, or find uncomfortable to be around. We’re all created differently, are an original masterpiece created by God, and like any living thing, there are no two of us exactly alike. It’s what makes the human race such an incredibly diverse body of souls. But, how we interact, and appreciate each others positive and negative qualities is more about our personality rather than the individuals inside our target zone.

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