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A letter to a politician on the eve of the Ontario election

By Shane Joseph, published on Jun 16, 2014

...introduced a medical tax the moment he came into office, to pay for Mike’s excesses, he claimed; he later misused his position with a billion dollar gas plant scandal – another bill that we (or you) may never be able to re-pay. And then there was the one-term guy, Bob, from our third political party, who tried to be all things to everybody and ended up being a nobody; he only managed to have a day in the month named after him for public employees to goof off and not get paid – a piece of dynamite for a sector that has often had its productivity questioned.

You say you have ... (more)

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The Broken System

By DKIdea, published on May 31, 2014

I hear people complain about the government all the time. I’m a frequent complainer myself as I’m astonished daily with the incompetence and outright contempt those administering order seem to have for the people. Understand, I’m not anti-government, I’m anti-bad government. I’m anti-ridiculous abuses of power. I’m anti-doing the same things that aren’t working and expecting them to work the millionth time around. I’m anti-not trying to fix a broken system.

I can understand if you throw your hands up at the idea of fixing the system, after all…it seems like such a monumental undertaking.... (more)

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Are all stories political?

By Shane Joseph, published on Jul 20, 2013

I recently contributed a story to an anthology titled Everything Is So Political (Roseway Publishing). In keeping with the book’s title, my story was called “Suicide Bombers”—how more political could that be, I thought. But then I realized that most stories, if not all of them, are political.

Politics has many definitions. Here are some from the Free Dictionary that I took particular note of: “intrigue or manoeuvring within a political unit or group in order to gain control or power,” “the often internally conflicting interrelationships among people in a society,” “any activity concerned... (more)

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