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10 Days Of Horror (day Two)

By Dude Poole, published on Oct 23, 2008

...enough has done nothing about the fact that the kids are now ruling the town in their post-murderous rampage. I mean seriously, tell the next delivery man of gasonline that the psycho kids have killed everyone. Pick up that square thing that has the rotary dialer and call the number of the police (pre-911). Not to mention that when I was a kid, anyone looking like Isaac would have been beaten on and made fun of... not followed by the a townfull of kids. Now I was not the type that would have done the beating, but I would have been the type to do the laughing when some other kid gave... (more)

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Tragedy In Malibu

By J.D. Howard, published on Oct 4, 2008

...of Malibu is offering a $100,000 reward leading to the arrest and conviction of the running nose and that ain’t nothin’ to sneeze at. Barbra’s nose should be considered armed and dangerous, and if spotted, citizens are urged not to attempt to apprehend the nose but to contact police at 1-800-Big-Honker.

When reached for comment, Barbra’s husband James Brolin said, “I knew this would happen one day. I begged Bab’s to have a nose job because every time we had sex and she was on top, I always came away with at least one black eye and a fat lip. I... (more)

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Enforcing Martial Law In America

By Lumiere, published on Sep 27, 2008

...but we don't really know because their numbers aren't counted. "   Illionis state Represenative Jan Schakowsky

Military Contractors are often referred to as a "shadow army" which allows them full military capabilities with the benefit of immunity. Acting in Iraq as a private police force they are granted the ability to kill with disregard to national or international law. The largest of the Department of Defenses three private military contractors is Blackwater, a private military company founded in 1997 by Al Clark and Erik Prince, a former Navy... (more)

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The Most Paranoid Piece Of Lunacy Ever Written

By Chris Jones, published on Sep 23, 2008

...zealot Naomi Wolf has written the most insane and delusional column ever written for The Huffington Post -- or pretty much anywhere else for that matter.

Wolf actually believes that Sarah Palin is part of a grand conspiracy to take over the U.S. government and turn America into a 'police state'. She thinks McCain only has 2-4 years left and he's only meant to be the 'figure head' until he croaks and Palin takes over. She cites 'reputable dermatologists' as her source for McCain's impending demise. Palin will also be a figure head who really answers to Dick Cheney, Karl... (more)

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A Closer Look At Sarah Palin

By BTN_SB, published on Sep 7, 2008

... not be built until 2018, if ever.

A C-Span broadcast this weekend of Sarah Palin’s debate in the 2006 Alaskan governor’s race revealed a state facing critical problems. Many rural areas remain without sewage systems and villagers face a rising crime rate with no police or troopers available to help. When Palin became governor, she taxed the oil companies and gave away the proceeds to the citizens in rebate checks. The biggest question unanswered today is who will reap the enormous profits from the gas pipeline if it ever does get built? Lawsuits, special... (more)

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Oh Grow Up Already!

By D. E. Carson, published on Sep 1, 2008

...peacefully, that would have been the end of the story.

But it isn’t.

Of the estimated 8,000 – 10,000 protesters many were seen and subsequently arrested for various acts of vandalism including smashing windows, puncturing tires and throwing bottles as they progressed.  Police were forced to use pepper spray in some cases and made at least five arrests.

According to Minnesota Public Radio, authorities raided several houses prior to the start of the RNC and confiscated several gallons of urine – yes, urine, wrist rockets and kerosene.  Now, maybe, just maybe ... (more)

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The Greatest Week In Comedy

By D. E. Carson, published on Aug 31, 2008

...a plan – and eloquent the would have had to have been for it to be an inside job. While a mere 3000 people died, the number of people who would have had to be sworn to secrecy would populate a small farm town in Oklahoma including Rudolph Giuliani, George Pataki and the entire New York City police and fire departments as well as the CEOs of American and United Airlines, the flight crew of the four planes and the United States Military Establishment. If you're going to do something as covert as blowing up the tallest buildings in New York City and the largest office building in the United ... (more)

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America Under Surveillance: Creating Modern Slavery

By Lumiere, published on Aug 22, 2008

...and creates a perpetual war. Not unlike how our U.S. Attorney General is requesting to declare a new global war. In the context of the story, theperpetual war is used as a pretext for subjecting the people to mass surveillance, similar to the new RFID chips for tracking humansand invasive police searches.During the process, thepolice state destroys not only literal freedom or expression of speech but also literal freedom of thought.When a government excercises repressive control over the economic, social, and political life (via electronic ballots / rigged elections ie...2000... (more)

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My Douche Bag Of The Decade

By Ed Attanasio, published on Aug 21, 2008

...flew at the zoo, the tiger and at the young men themselves.

In the months that followed, more and more, Dhaliwal - who still has the scars from where the tiger clawed at his head - went from victim to pariah, blamed for provoking the attack and sometimes refusing to cooperate with the police investigation.

However, to date, no charges have been filed against either Dhaliwal brother in relation to the mauling.

Today, Paul Dhaliwal's rap sheet includes everything from evading arrest to probation violations for fleeing from sheriff's deputies while pushing speeds more... (more)

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Los Angeles To Force Day Laborer Accommodation

By D. E. Carson, published on Aug 16, 2008

...pity on at least one of them, let them follow him home and do whatever project needs to be done. Yeah, those guys.

Right now the ordinance applies only to proposed “big box” stores – the ones that haven’t been built yet but are planned to be built. Councilman and former L.A. Police Chief Bernard Parks is behind this atrocity and told The Los Angeles Times that this is phase one of a multi-phase proposal. The next phase is to coerce existing stores into compliance. The ordinance requires proposed stores to obtain a conditional-use permit. This permit would require the... (more)

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