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The Prison Industrial Complex In The Eyes Of Mumia Abu-jamal

By Credo, published on Feb 27, 2009

...him better. Judging from my point of view Mumia Abu Jamal is an international political prisoner, he is a political activist who was also a member of the black party organization. He was born Wesley Cook on April 24, 1954) was also convicted and sentenced to death for the 1981 murder of police officer Daniel Faulkner. Currently he is a prisoner at State Correctional Institution Greene near Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately there is a lot of information about Mumia Abu Jamal and his case so I suggest that you check it out for yourself, it is too much for me to get into in... (more)

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Madea Goes To Jail

By DLFerguson, published on Feb 22, 2009

...Madea is the source of wisdom and the moral compass of her family. Whenever she shows up you know that things are going to be put right. The problem is keeping her own self out of trouble long enough for her to keep the rest of the family straight. After yet another incident where she led police on an extended high speed chase, Madea has had her driving license suspended which means she must depend on her daughter Cora (Tamela Mann) to drive her around. And she must attend anger management counseling sessions with none other than Dr. Phil himself. Both situations are driving Madea ... (more)

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Slumdog Millionaire

By DLFerguson, published on Feb 9, 2009

...up as a contestant on the Indian version of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” In fact, he’s one question away from winning 20 million rupees which is unheard of as nobody’s ever even come close to winning that much. The show’s host (Anil Kapoor) brings the police in, claiming that Jamal must be cheating since nobody’s that lucky or that smart. In flashbacks to Jamal’s youth as a street urchin in the ghettos of India’s cities along with his brother Salim (Madur Mittal/played in flashbacks by Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail and Ashutosh... (more)

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The Gnome Invasion

By Alethea, published on Feb 7, 2009

...seems credible. We could be looking at another ‘petido orejudo’ - small being.”

Odder still, many reports of gnome-like creatures have been reported previous to these incidents, and since, many more continue to pour in. Meanwhile, a town's mayor and chief of police states they have known about these "gnomes' existence" for about 20 years.

Outside of Argentina, another video has surfaced originating from a 27 year old from Mexico City. He states on his YouTube page that things in his house frequently go missing only to reappear a while later. He ... (more)

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Vanishing Point

By DLFerguson, published on Jan 30, 2009

...whole bunch of speed. For reasons that are still not clear to me, Kowalski makes Jake a bet that he can drive from Denver to San Francisco in 15 hours. Now this means that Kowalski is going to have to do at least 85-90 miles an hour the whole way. He naturally attracts the attention of the police who take exception to his driving so damn fast and it’s not long before Kowalski is the target of the state troopers of several states who chase after him in cars and helicopters trying to get him to stop. But Kowalski refuses to stop for anything or anyone.

Kowalski... (more)

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Trailer Park Acquisition : Highway Robbery

By baynurse, published on Jan 16, 2009

...Hispanics, poor elderly, and persons with disabilities have not been fairly given compensation for their once affordable housing  in San Pablo.

Paragon has been removing trailers and mobile homes as soon as they became vacant, after several residents have been either evicted by police escort or  urged to move without proper assistance to move into other housing.

Tenants have been minimally prepared for what has been happening. We have been told very little of the plan and then urged at the last minute to leave or be removed, several people being moved in phases,... (more)

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Terrorists Killed And Hostages Rescued In Mumbai.

By Seema Upadhyay, published on Nov 29, 2008 that"The NSG Commandos recovered credit cards of various banks like ICICI, HSBC, Citibank, AXIS, USD 1200 and INR 4640 along with an identity card ofMauritius nationality from the slain terrorists. they also found4 bags ofgrenades, one AK-47, 2 AK-75and700 rounds of bullets"

The police cross examined one of theterrorist whotried to escape in the police van on wednesday. This terrorist is 21 yrs old Abu Ismail, a resident of Pakistan. Around 20 terrorists were trained in Pakistan occupied Kashmir by Lashkar, this training included not just usage of various arms and ammunition... (more)

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Terrorist Attacks In Mumbai.

By Seema Upadhyay, published on Nov 27, 2008

... 20 blasts in Oberoi hotel.People are still inside Oberoi. The bomb blasts and the cross firing has been continous since past 25 hours.

A commercial building, Nariman Bhuvan in Nariman Point has terrorists holding two Israeli families as hostages since yesterday.

14 officers from Police department, Anti Terrorist Squad were killed since yesterday, while 9 terrorists were shot by the various law enforcement agencies. the terrorist also killed the General Manager of Taj Hotel, his wife and 3 children today in the evening.

The terrorists are Pakistanis, which was... (more)

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Bomb Blast And Terrorist Firing In Mumbai

By Seema Upadhyay, published on Nov 26, 2008

...attack, yes once more, there were total 12 blasts in different areas in South Mumbai and firing at 5 places. Two five star hotels, Taj and Oberoi have been attacked.

5 terrorists are still inside Taj Hotel room no.631, there were total 4 blasts in Taj hotel and 2 in Oberoi. The police and the commandoshave surrounded both the hotels and around 200 more NSG commandos are immediately called.

2 blasts happened inside a cab in 2 different areas. One below the flyover in Vile Parle near the domestic airport and another in Mazgaon area. One blast happened outside the... (more)

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10 Days Of Horror (day Nine)

By Dude Poole, published on Oct 31, 2008

...web-site had "unedited" video content to show some incidents and interviews of people that came into contact at some point with the people making the documentary. The website also contained tons of information on the mythology of the Blair Witch, and the history of the "real-life" accounts and police reports that led to the mythology. I knew soooo many people that bought into the chance that this may be a true story. The only mistake that the movie-makers made, in my opinion, was to have the actors and actress playing the documentarians make an appearance on the David Letterman show a day... (more)

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