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Affirmative Good Buddy

By AM Nelson, published on Nov 19, 2006

Virginia state police are switching from 10-codes to plain English. The “10-4” (good-buddy) should now be “affirmative.” An argument for the change is an apparent difficulty during inter-state communication. Different locales use the same code reference to mean different things; there is not a standard code. It is a confusing method during emergencies. A 10-100 could mean a bathroom break, or a dead body, location dependent. Wikipedia illuminates the multiple meanings of the same numbers. The code systems are sometimes based on, or... (more)

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God, Chalk Hill and a Theatre in the Round

By Steven Lane, published on Nov 18, 2006 a garland on a Christmas tree. When I was 16, I often drove my girlfriend, who became my wife, up that dusty road to the flat top. We would park my 1956 Olds, lay out a blanket and make love there on the ground, with the whole valley as our bedroom door. We were alone and free, if the police or another couple would start up the road, we could see them coming and had at least five minutes to put things right. They tore that hill down and in that spot, actor Bob Hope and a bunch of Money built the VALLEY MUSIC THEATRE. It was a noble experiment, a theatre in the round. A real attempt ... (more)

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Tasing Incident Provokes Gathering

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 18, 2006

... a student who refused to show his Bruin Card to a Community Service Officer. One student was caught on tape saying, “We don’t feel safe on our own campus.” Numerous reviews of the video recorded during the incident confirm only these facts: The student was belligerent with police, the student screamed very loudly, the student shouted, “here’s your f*****g Patriot Act!”, the student “claims” he was tasered for no reason and that he was leaving “this God forsaken place”, the student was eventually removed from the library.... (more)

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UCLA student tasered by campus police

By Ariel, published on Nov 16, 2006

A UCLA student who didn't show his ID and refused to leave the campus library was tasered by the UCLA police Tuesday around 11.30pm, according to the university newspaper, the Daily Bruin. The incident started when a student, Mostafa Tabatabainejada, was unable to produce his BruinCard during a random check at the Powell library CLICC computer lab. These checks are conducted every night by the campus police. He reportedly refused to be escorted out by the officers and instead encouraged other students to join his resistance, claims UCLA Police Department spokeswoman Nancy Greenstein. She goes... (more)

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Violent arrest in Hollywood caught on tape

By Ariel, published on Nov 10, 2006

The video of a violent arrest by the LAPD showed up on YouTube a couple of days ago and is not exactly great publicity for our city's police. On August 11, 2006, two Hollywood Police Officers were taped arresting William Cardenas, 23, a local gang member, who was wanted on a felony warrant for receiving stolen property. Cardenas reportedly run from them when Officers Patrick Farrell and Alexander Schlegel recognized him while on patrol. They were eventually able to knock him to the ground near Gordon Street and Fountain Avenue, and he was arrested after a short struggle. According to the arrest... (more)

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Report Suspicious Activity

By AM Nelson, published on Oct 29, 2006

...climb!,’ but was afraid it might give away my own location. It was awful. I keep seeing her apple flying into the air and hearing his calls to God.” Local residents did not express concern this morning upon hearing the neighborhood gossip, or even witnessing the busyness of police investigation. “Ah, they come, they go. Venice attracts nuts every once in awhile, but they figure out how to fit in eventually. This is just a phase,” an unidentified resident states. Other residents claimed the spare-changers were harmless and insisted tonight’s... (more)

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Who Ruined California's Public Schools?

By Natasha VC, published on Oct 27, 2006

... Meaning, if you bought a home in Laguna Beach in the 1970's for 300,000 you would only pay 3,000 in property taxes a year. Even today, your home maybe worth 850,000. You still pay 3,000. Pretty sweet deal. The opponents of Prop. 13 exclaimed that funding for local government, public education, police, fireman and social services would be de-funded to brink annihilation. No matter, Proposition 13 and other anti-tax measures still passed by a landslide in 1978. California historians refer to the election at as the "Tax Payers Revolt." Indeed, the homeowners insurgency has had lasting and... (more)

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Homeless on Skid Row: Is it a Lost Cause?

By C. Reagan, published on Sep 30, 2006

...effort to clean up the streets and get help to law-abiding homeless who want assistance”. The new operation is making an obvious improvement, with many streets on the Row looking cleaner and less cluttered. The homeless themselves are surprised at the efforts, many saying that the police were asking if any help was needed as they requested that individuals merely “push their stuff against the fence”. Others complained that the crackdown resembled war tactics and that the city was only trying to push them out of sight and out of downtown. Although major efforts... (more)

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Paris Hilton can't drink

By Ariel, published on Sep 7, 2006

Paris Hilton was arrested this morning at 1am and charged with driving under the influence. She was spotted by LAPD officers driving her Mercedes McLaren SLR in a very erratic way. Her publicist Eliott Mintz told the press that she only had one drink - a margarita - before leaving a charity event she was attending in Hollywood. She was taken to the Hollywood police station after she blew a .08. She was released an hour and a half later. I guess when you weigh 110lb, you'd better drink martini by the spoon rather than a full glass. Cheers! (more)

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Flying out from LAX today, not much has changed

By Ariel, published on Sep 2, 2006

I'm flying out from LAX today, for the first time since the terrorist attack was foiled by the British police earlier this month. This triggered a whole new set of security measures forbidding any liquids in carry-on luggages, further tightening the security checks at the airport. I arrived 3 hours before my flight as advised by the travel agency. The line for baggage check-in was pretty long and somewhat out of control as I was expecting on this 3 day labor day weekend. However everything went pretty smoothly for me at least, but it seemed like the limitations in terms of baggage weight... (more)

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