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Disgruntled Astronaut Caught in Love-Murder Triangle

By Alethea, published on Feb 10, 2007

...Naval Academy graduate, test pilot, wife and mother of three are roles that will come to mind for those who know Lisa Nowak. However, more recently, mental anguish and breakdown appear to be the most popular descriptors surrounding her. On February 5, Nowak was charged by Orlando Police for attempted kidnap and murder of romantic rival, US Air Force Captain Colleen Shipman concerning a fellow astronaut, William Oefelein. Shipman claimed that she was aware Nowak had been stalking her for a few months prior. When Nowak discovered Shipman was flying from Houston to Orlando,... (more)

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He's going the Distance: An Interview with Harry Perry

By V, published on Jan 9, 2007

...I can do this every day. Other people can only do it once in a while. I came here and I fell in love with Venice. Did you fall in love with it when you first came? Is that what happened? You would have seen a lot of changes. It wasn't like this before. It was really different. There were no police. A cop car came by once in a great while. They had no station down here. Hell's Angels used to hang out; they'd hang out where that big building is down on Breeze, in the parking lot. It was the Hell's Angel's parking lot. And I went by there. Every day, I'd d go by there and I'd get barraged... (more)

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Sirens Ease LA into Yet Another New Year

By mattjosh, published on Jan 3, 2007

...reading this, Girl-in-the-black-dress, write me?). But for me, it wasn’t a new year until several hours after the ball had dropped on our pre-recorded, PST-friendly Times Square footage. Not until my twenty-minute drive home crossed the paths of four or more convoys of fire trucks, police cruisers, and/or ambulances, all zooming off in each their own direction, did the spirit of the holiday begin to enter my heart. When I parked my car in front of my home and stepped out, the sirens seemed even louder and more enveloping. Curious to see how long this bedlam could go on, I lit ... (more)

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Mayor Villaraigosa Has Endangered African-American Rights and Lives

By Dr. Cecelia, J.D., published on Dec 6, 2006

...of KABC, who repeatedly and vehemently demanded on the air that the Mayor veto this settlement, and caused a wrongheaded and ultimately successful public furor in denunciation of the black firefighter's settlement. So, will the Mayor also now rescind "Special Order 40," which prevents L.A. police from enforcing immigration laws and arresting illegal immigarants? Will he call for the building of the border fence between the United States and Mexico? Will he speak out against the practice of illegal immigrants in the U.S. lanning and having "anchor babies" just to allow entire illegal... (more)

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The Art of

By maceo manhattan, published on Dec 1, 2006

...or not I have managed to never due drugs and avoid drinking 99.9% percent of the time. I will save that story for another time. So lets explore the club business for a moment. What are the elements involved in making a Hollywood club successful: 1) Shareholders 2) Promoters 3) Drug Dealers 4) Police Officer/NARCO (on and off duty) 5) Models and affiliated pretty people and 6) Celebrities. Basically, a restaurant entrepreneur will seek out investors from all walks of life. These investors usually begin and end with a celebrity. In the middle you, will find real estate moguls, entertainment ... (more)

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By Steven Lane, published on Nov 28, 2006

...his head that says “I am rich, I sold my unwanted stuff”. I remember some years ago, I found out my son had a little business going. He took out ads in a local newspaper. The headline was “Send me $20 and I’ll show you how to get rich.” People actually sent him the money and my son, being the honest upright guy he was and is, gave them the secret. He enclosed a flyer that said, Buy and ad in a local newspaper Put a head line that says, ‘SEND ME $20 AND I’LL SHOW YOU HOW TO GET RICH Open your mail. I believe the police had a short talk with him (more)

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The First Five Minutes...

By Glenn T, published on Nov 27, 2006

...amused at watching the HD-broadcast, network, flawlessly-primped evening news team cue up a video shot from a cell phone that makes the Blair Witch Project look like Citizen Kane. And, in fairness, I nearly got caught up in the mob-mentality outrage surrounding two recent incidents of alleged police brutality that were “caught on tape” and brought to us in just such a way. But then I remembered my problem with the recently-replaced sound-byte-obsessed get-all-your-news-in-five-minutes version of the news, and realized that this new media revolution has the exact same... (more)

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Iranian-American Inner Revolution

By maceo manhattan, published on Nov 20, 2006

... Iranian Muslims are seen as Arabs even though they are just Arab as Iranian Jews. So where am I going with this? Well, being an ucla alumnus I am familiar with the Iranian Jewish v. Muslim rift. However, there is one recent event that has brought both together. The most unlikely source, the police have brought Iranian Jews to support Iranian Muslims in the name of humanity. The tazoring incident that took place last week at Ucla's Powell library appears to may have been an incident of racial profiling and has in fact brought all types of races together. Many Chinese, African, and white... (more)

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Going Beyond My Dog Ate My Homework

By AM Nelson, published on Nov 19, 2006 at the wrong time. I’ve been in all weekend, and my God! Please, don’t let this get around. I’d be mortified. I don’t know how to explain it to my son.” Man who performs disaster/ mold clean-up services “This girl came to my door covered in blood and urine. She didn’t speak a word of English. I couldn’t leave her alone. She was scared of the police. I took her in…I know I should have called, I just got so wrapped up. I…it’s been a weird few days.” Creative, demented, big liars…and employed. (more)

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What Is The Point

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 19, 2006

... go to jail and while you're in there someone kills you because you killed his little sister. Is that to what our society has deteriorated -- kids murdering each other in cold blood? Has our society become so vulgar that human life has no meaning on the streets? The guy who got beat up by the police two weeks ago should consider himself lucky that he was beaten by the police and not murdered by some gang member mistaking him for a rival. I'm not saying the guy deserved the beating (or maybe he did. As a former college professor of mine used to say, I don't know, I wasn't there) but if... (more)

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