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Poppin' gold!!

By Kay C, published on Jun 30, 2007

... me some more hair, heels, and heart. River Deep, Mountain High - who else but Tina could have demolished such a Wall of Sound? I've actually been fortunate enough to see Tina Turner perform live seven times!!! What about the sheer organic unity of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, or The Police??? The magical, electronic Beatle-esque gems of E.L.O? All almost unbearably incredible. And the "group dynamic" intensity of Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles or Rush and The Tragically Hip?? - wow, what a combined musical body of sheer bliss! Don't forget about the White guys that... (more)

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Our Justice System at Work-or how to make $162,000 with lies

By Geddy, published on Jun 29, 2007

... mid-June of 2006 found me driving home from work along Chartres street behind the Geo. R. Brown convention center. The artery is a: 5 lane wide(wider than most freeways in Houston), one way road with few lights and no curves. Like many motorists that day, my journey was interrupted by a Houston police officer running into the middle of the road and flagging me over. It was then I noticed another officer standing on the roadside pointing a radar at the traffic. Two others (at least, may have been more) were near him writing citations. The posted limit on this 5 lane road is 30 mph; I was... (more)

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Charlie Silvera: Playing in the Shadow of Yogi Berra

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jun 29, 2007

... they thought he was a bad influence on Mantle – all Mantle did was win the Triple Crown. They also blamed Billy for the incident at the Copa. I’d have been there, but we left early. I had left. Mantle and Billy, they roomed together, they had their fun. But, the older guys kind of policed the younger guys, you know, I was considered a veteran by then. I roomed with Collins, and we would police the younger kids, if they got out of line, we told them – you’re messing with our money, and you don’t do that. If they persisted, we’d tell them, you better... (more)

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Key Issue Review - June 27, 2007

By D. E. Carson, published on Jun 28, 2007

...American Legal Defense Fund is investigating the arrests because they allege intimidation tactics. According to MALDF regional counsel Elsie Shore they are concerned about the use of intimidation. The message here is simple: you break the law; you pay the consequences. One of the oldest police tactics in the book is intimidation. People with a healthy conscience will run when they see a cop because they don’t want to be caught. They know they did something wrong but they never know that the cop may not be aware of what wrong was done. The illegal aliens will run because... (more)

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Happy Feet Witnessed at the Long Beach Bayou Festival

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Jun 27, 2007

...festivities by talking about the history of the Secondline Dancing in New Orleans. Members of the group led the audience in a traditional Secondline dance and picked up the tempo by demonstrating several new dances-The Cupid Shuffle and The Electric Slide to the upbeat tune of “Call The Police”. Zac Harmon Blues Workshop focused on the Hill country and Delta Blues styles of music. He demonstrated both styles on the songs “I’m Mad” and “Hattie Mae”. The Zac Harmon Blues Band went on to perform an entertaining set of blues featuring the following: ... (more)

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Now you call it madness (but I call it love)

By Cindy, published on Jun 25, 2007

...for money and power, marriage, the sadness of separation, roller-coaster behavior, public masks, perfect volleys of he said/she said, obsessive love, glamour, the joy of repeated reconciliations, unconventional, kink, disturbing accusations, private games, bonds of habit and passion, false police reports, anger, bondage, forgery, lurid glimpses, weirdness, narcissism, romance, affairs, compulsion, secrecy, train-wreck, co-dependency, crazy, strange, strong attraction, long-lasting relationship, fraud, engrossing togetherness, anguish in misunderstandings, need for control, insecurity in ... (more)

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The Courts Working Hard to Keep Crime High

By freestrike, published on Jun 24, 2007

Thank god we have the police to protect us here in Houston. If you call sitting on the side of the road with your thumb up your butt protecting us. Like Officer Jung Kim of HPD. Back in March of 2006 he caught me changing lanes without signaling and speeding. As you may know you get fined more depending on how fast you're going. Officer Kim just happened to make my ticket for 1 mile above a new level of fine. He was obviously behind on his quota for the day and trying to squeeze every nickel he could out of me. Now I was speeding but I was not going as fast as he said I was. So I requested... (more)

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Court Order Puts Squeeze On Racers

By D. E. Carson, published on Jun 22, 2007

...saying that Hoang intends to race on race tracks where it is legal, but the camera doesn’t lie. This punk is going to find another car and he will be back on the streets of the Inland Empire racing some other punk and possibly killing an innocent bystander in the process. According to police, in the months of March, April and May of this year, 13 people were killed in Southern California in illegal street racing. Of those, only 2 were actually driving the racing cars. The other 11 victims were riding in one of the cars, were pedestrians or other motorists who were not involved in ... (more)

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A Nation Always One Step From Mourning

By Frank J Hopkins, published on Jun 19, 2007

...initial response was to be angered but upon further reflection maybe,just maybe in this case they are right. I don't like the idea anymore than anyone else of every one walking around with guns nor am I comforted by the notion that we should just outlaw guns leaving them for the army and the police...this is truly troubling especially if you live in cities like New York or Los Angles. I don't know what the answer is but I know that there must be a mid-ground where both concerns can be addressed. There is something else here,something that many do not want to talk about-why are they so... (more)

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Robocop: Movie Review

By DLFerguson, published on Jun 11, 2007

... The time is the near future. In Detroit, crime is horrendously out of control. The most horrifically violent acts are commonplace and legitimate government has turned over the problem of policing the city to the multinational Omni Consumer Products Corporation, in effect, privatizing the Police Department. The Old Man (Daniel O’Herlihy) is more interested in building a new city to replace the old. A utopia he calls Delta City. To this end, the massive crime wave plaguing Detroit has to be stopped. More and more cops are poured into Detroit including hotshot Alex J. Murphy... (more)

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