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Famous celebrities: Are they being targets from their past?

By Lakwyia, published on Sep 22, 2007

...thing they do. Now let's just get it all out in the open with this O.J. Simpson case. Why would they want to give this man all these years in prison just for having a gun(not counting the other charges yet)? Yes, i do feel personally that O.J. did go about it wrong and should have called the police first instead of trying to take care of it himself. Everyone in the world knows what this case is boiling down to and this is crazy. Some people still cannot get over the fact that he isn't in prison over his ex-wife's(Nicole Simpson)death. There wasn't anything to prove whatsoever,so that... (more)

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Be Cool : Movie Review

By DLFerguson, published on Sep 20, 2007

...Cool personified. The same way that Steve McQueen, Pam Grier, James Coburn, Uma Thurman, Myrna Loy, Sean Connery, William Powell, Chow Yun Fat, Illeana Douglas, Denzel Washington, Bruce Willis and Robert Mitchum are Cool. I really like the scenes where Chili Palmer interacts with two police detectives played by Debi Mazar and Gregory Alan Williams. They know that Chili was a criminal but they treat him as if they would any other professional in his field. They actually manage to work together to bring down the Russian gangsters in a way that is one of the most surprising plot... (more)

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Ok, I get it... he's rich

By Glenn T, published on Sep 18, 2007

... a pretty girl, we will likely stare too long. Tight jeans, short skirts and hoochie tops (yes, we know what those are) will get our attention. The right perfume will keep us from focusing. When someone asks us what we like in a woman, we'll respond with a physical description so complete that a police artist could come up with a composite. (I've tried this three separate times and now have a funny little collage of Pamela Anderson sketches to show for it.) It's only when we get that disapproving stare that we make the obligatory addendums: nice, smart, funny, good with kids, etc. This may... (more)

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Series - We The People - 9/15 Peace Protest #16

By Rose Mountain, published on Sep 15, 2007

...antiwar movement to move from protesting to performing acts of civil disobedience that "get in the way of the war machine," said Brian Becker, national coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition, at a news conference yesterday at the National Press Club.

The group's permit with the U.S. Park Police is for 10,000 people, a source said, but ANSWER, which stands for Act Now to Stop War and End Racism, expects tens of thousands, Becker said. More than 1,000 people had signed up on the group's Web site as of yesterday to lie down at the die-in, he said, which is meant to represent Americans,... (more)

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The Bourne Ultimatum: Movie Review

By DLFerguson, published on Sep 7, 2007

... didn’t track with me at all considering the way the two of them acted towards each other in the first two movies. In fact, I couldn’t buy Nicky’s sudden defection from the CIA to help Bourne. There’s a scene where Bourne is fleeing across rooftops from the Tangier police while trying to follow Desh and get to him before he gets to Nicky that goes on way too long for my taste. And didn’t we have Jason Bourne engaged in a brutal car chase with the assassin assigned to kill him in “The Bourne Supremacy”? Did we have to have another one in this ... (more)

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In the Dog house.

By wolviela, published on Sep 7, 2007

We all know that police dogs can be cute, but very vicious when prompted to attack a suspect, but that doesn't warranted being cooped up in 109 degree heat in a cruiser. As an officer there are certain duties that come attached with that, such as protecting the lives of citizen and keeping our neighborhood safe. There is an oath that police take when getting out of the academy that states this. Does that oath mention anything about neglecting your partner, whether it be human or dog? There was an article in the paper that a police canine dog was found dead in his patrol car, while he we off... (more)

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Movie Stars: The Studio System

By KLiedle, published on Aug 25, 2007

...whatever it was, drunken-driving or an illegitimate pregnancy, the studios at the time were known to sometimes use bribery, when absolutely necessary, to cover up secrets and scandals. Press agents maintained friendly relationships with influential people such as district attorneys and the police. Studios offered everything from complimentary premiere tickets to supplies of liquor ( during Prohibition, mind you) to ensure that there were no unfavorable leaks and more often than not, they succeeded in covering up the negative publicity. *Photo Credit: "By A Waterfall", Busby Berkeley... (more)

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Mad Max: Movie Review

By DLFerguson, published on Aug 13, 2007

In the “Lethal Weapon” movies Mel Gibson played L.A. police detective Martin Riggs who undergoes such a severe psychological trauma when his wife is killed that the common held belief is that he’s gone straight flat out crazy. Insane. Mad, even. That’s the main trait shared with an earlier Mel Gibson character: Australian highway cop Max Rockatansky who undergoes such a severe psychological trauma when his wife and son are killed that the common held belief is that he’s gone straight flat out crazy. Insane. Mad, even. In fact, he’s even called MAD MAX. The movie is set in... (more)

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An Update: Our Justice System at Work

By Geddy, published on Aug 9, 2007

...Some go too far though. There was a different officer in the paper yesterday who resigned (retired) after it was discovered he was taking bribes for fixing tickets he wrote.(yes he still gets the OT pay for showing up in court and a nice pension). But I digress. The reporter has access to police records that would cost me a small fortune to see under the (free?)dom of information act. He said he would look into things for me. Meanwhile, since I had found out one of the officers listed as a witness on the ticket wasn't on duty that day, I decided to go in front of City Council and the... (more)

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Deliver Us From Evil

By D. E. Carson, published on Jul 30, 2007

As John McClane, the wisecracking New York Police Officer from the Die Hard franchise once said, “I’m really getting sick and tired of always being right.” I understand how Officer McClane feels. I, too, am sick and tired of always being right. But it comes with the territory when you use facts and common sense to put things together. I just read on the AP wire that the city of Fort Worth, Texas is joining a long list of other cities that are using the civil court system as a means of deterring gang activity in their cities. The cities are actually suing gangs in an attempt to discourage... (more)

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