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DeGeneres Caught in Canine Adoption Caper

By Ed Attanasio, published on Oct 18, 2007

...retrieved the dog. I can see this issue from both sides. On one hand, I think the adoption agency is being way too heavy-handed. Ellen is obviously a dog lover and I don’t believe that she would give this mutt to anyone who couldn’t provide a good home for the dog. To send the police into someone’s home to retrieve a dog is just crazy. On the other hand, rules are rules. Adoption agencies have to be careful where adopted dogs go. Part of their job is to make sure these animals are given to responsible people who will provide a safe environment for them. Most... (more)

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Minimize damage after an Anabolic Steroids bust

By Johan, published on Oct 18, 2007

...its cheaper, and more discrete. You were notified your package is on the way and should have arrived two days ago. Because of the delay you get nervous: were you scammed? Is the postal service late as usual? Did the customs intercept the package? Was DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) or police notified and they are just waiting to bust you? You just heard of a large bust by DEA, are they after you now? Completely paranoid you than see the mailman deliver a small package and you can't wait for him to get away so you can collect it. You open the mailbox to see whether your anabolic... (more)

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"Jena at Columbia!"

By Joseph "J-Lo", published on Oct 10, 2007 article that I stumbled upon this morning. Coming from the Post ( - #2 article under Top Stories), Madonna Constantine, an African-American woman professor at Columbia University, arrived to her classroom, only to find a noose pinned at the door. While no arrests as of print, police are looking into a white professor as a possible suspect and a petty dispute over "the work she did." Murray Weiss, author of the article, added that there are no security cameras in the building, something that is clearly unacceptable in this day and age. Immediately after receiving... (more)

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Law enforcement officers should be acknowledged

By mara1423, published on Oct 10, 2007

...instead of plaintiff, witnesses and defendant. The trials and tribulations of being an enforcer of the law can be nothing more than truly terrifying. Avery, himself describes the waiting of the verdict, indeed the trial itself to have been "the worst tribulation that I could go through." Consequently, from here he can only grow stronger in his enforcement of the law. That our police officers must worry about their behavior or a word being misconstrued by their public begs the question, is it truly worth it? We applaud you for going through and persevering where weaker men would not. (more)

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MTA Safety or Your Rights?

By ArisYoon, published on Oct 10, 2007

...piece of paper hanging on the left side of the map and told me to read one of the line of messages out loud. The paper states, "(As effective December 2005) It is a violation to Move between end doors of a subway car whether or not train is in motion, except in an emergency or when directed by police officer or conductor." ( After reading the code out loud, the female officer told me that I had violated the law and had to pay for my violations. At this point, I was infuriated, bitter and angry for receiving a violation for the ticket. The two officers pulled me again to ... (more)

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In Case of Katrina

By Credo, published on Oct 8, 2007

...of the city's flood walls was breached. Wreaths were thrown into the water at each of the city's broken levees. At this one on the Industrial Canal, hundreds of mourners danced, sang and openly wept. It was a day of raw emotion for many." In the Mississippi town of Gulfport, firefighters and police officers carried 14 red roses - one for each of those that died in their community. President Bush joined the commemorations in New Orleans. He said he took full responsibility for the government’s response that "fell short". But that is small comfort to many who remain without homes... (more)

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Chihuahuas...The New Generation Rottweiler?

By Steven Lane, published on Oct 5, 2007

...but the hearing officer has mandated that his owners purchase a $100,000 insurance insurance policy or get out of Dodge. Squirt is rumoured to be lying low at the home of a family friend in northern Iowa. Meanwhile, "We've got another case coming up that is similar to the Chihuahua case," police Sgt. Raudabaugh said. "Except this one is a Rottweiler." "Mexican status-seekers drawn to 'gringo' Chihuahuas" USA TODAY reported, "Some Mexican pet stores have begun selling U.S.-bred Chihuahuas to well heeled customers drawn by the cachet of a American pedigree.----The "imported" tag... (more)

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The Brave One

By DLFerguson, published on Oct 1, 2007

...back together. But she knows she’s not the same person she was before that night. In a very real sense she died as well and she struggles to deal with her traumatized emotions and find a way to re-integrate her shattered psyche. Erica grows increasingly frustrated with the lack of police progress in finding her boyfriend’s killers and tries to buy a gun. Driven into a fit of anger because she refuses to wait the required 30 days, she purchases one illegally and goes out at night, deliberately setting herself up as a victim and before you can say ‘Charles... (more)

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Miles & Miles...A post 9/11 experience

By rockshow63, published on Sep 25, 2007

...shared that same moment with each and everyone of them. If you had heard the thank yous',the stories of a 10 hr trip turned to 26hrs ,seen the urine soaked roadway,the hiding of despair and/or anger. Then and only then could you even have hoped,wished,dreamed and as to what I remember....the police officer that had watched Karen and I pull up on his way back from the non front lines,but the long and I'm sure quite hungry back lines.Pulled up and lifted us back to our truck. Someone has always asked after hearing me relay this story..."did you get any recognition for this act of selfless ... (more)

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Welcome UN Delegates!

By Lainie, published on Sep 25, 2007

...and 3rd in order to allow a long motorcade of limousines to pass through. Well, I guess even leaders of the free world have to go tie shopping at Bloomingdales. Every year brings fond memories of this get-together. Last year, I remember walking LC on 48th and 1st and being stopped by a police officer who didn’t allow us and several other pedestrians to cross the street. The reason? We had entered the dreaded “frozen zone” where President Bush and his Secret Service motorcade were about to drive by any second. So there we were: me, LC and my fellow New Yorkers... (more)

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