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By yesteryear, published on Dec 10, 2007

...was followed by a rally featuring readings of the poetry of Charles Bukowski and a musical performance by Fred Durst, whose band Limp Bizkit was praised by the Million Boyfriends group in 1999 for releasing records that, by comparison, made average boyfriends look like the sensitive, emotional men their girlfriends wanted them to be. After Durst's performance, local police were called to the scene after receiving reports that shots were fired. A bullet was said to have pierced the vanity license plate of Blunt's 2008 "Daisy Edition" Volkswagen Beetle, which reads "I'm Beeetleful".


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Portrait of a Thanksgiving Border Crossing

By V, published on Nov 25, 2007 The lady in the car next to me bought that distasteful, ‘Last Supper’ wall sculpture. Boredom and frustration appear to be wearing everyone down, clouding judgment. People are trying to jump the line, high tailing it in the emergency lane and trying to cut back in. the police are rounding them up and escorting them back to the end of the line. I’ve given away the last of my small change to children and men selling chocolate (no matter which country, the chocolate men always find me). This is how it is at the busiest border crossing in the world and still, the ... (more)

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"Moon The Loon"

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Nov 15, 2007 the preview of the film The Buddy Holly Story on September 7, 1978. After dining with Paul and Linda McCartney, Moon and his girlfriend, Annette Walter-Lax, left the party early and returned to their flat. He died that night at the age of 32 of an overdose on Heminevrin pills. When the police investigated the cause of his death they determined that there were about 32 pills in his system. Some were undissolved. In an odd coincidence, he died in the same flat, No.12 at 9 Curzon Place(London), that singer Cass Elliot (aged 32) died in, a little over four years prior. Moonie died a... (more)

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Stupefying Parker-Hulme Murder Case

By LW, published on Nov 8, 2007

...But her husband Kenneth was even more shocked when he went where they told him to go, he found a woman’s body, badly beaten about the head; her injuries were too horrific. There were multiple lacerated wounds on her head, neck and face and minor injuries on her fingers. But during the police’s research, a bloodied half- brick and a lisle stocking were found nearby and it was quickly established as the murder weapon. The brick was ejected from the stocking by the force of the blows. Honora Parker’s hair was found on the stocking. This lead the police to suspect the two ... (more)

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Series - We The People - US Attorney Gen & Torture #27

By Rose Mountain, published on Nov 8, 2007

...are many people who have come to hear this hearing. I expect everyone here to be respectful of the Committee and other members of the public. And if there are -- certainly, everybody is able to express an opinion, but not audibly. If there are audible expressions of opinion, I am directing the police to remove the people who do that, whether they agree with my position or not. AMY GOODMAN: Senator Leahy, threatening to remove protesters from the hearing room after some members of the antiwar group CODEPINK who were in attendance spoke out in opposition during the vote roll. Massachusetts... (more)

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Drink Yourself Calm And Healthy

By Chedvah, published on Nov 4, 2007

...herbal tea leaves fresh and in a bid to brew freshly made infusions. I knew of someone who was so into Ginkgo Biloba, which is known for its medicinal purposes. Fairly priced in the shops, this person went on to climb trees and get it fresh from a park that was endowed with the trees. The police was only one step behind them due to conservation and other laws that prohibit this, but I have since advised the person that there are places that sell it bagged at fair prices. The point here is sometimes people may pick the wrong leaves so it is advisable to make conducive research before... (more)

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We Are All Equal

By baynurse, published on Nov 2, 2007

...have choices to be and create everything from health, wealth and abundance, to peace and prosperity for ourselves and others. We all have the potential to be anything we want, it takes time and discipline and dedication to live and behave in the manner in which we want to be seen . When the police puts on his uniform is it as if he dawns his new persona, when the priest puts on his robes it is behavior in it which we expect to be in resonance with the clothing. Be aware, who is underneath their clothes. No matter what you wear, or how you look, or what you preach, it is your behavior... (more)

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Pakistan New Safe Haven For Militants

By Chris Jones, published on Nov 1, 2007

...They have bombed girls schools and blown up video and CD shops. They drilled holes into the face of a 20-foot- tall stone Buddha, obliterating the features of the 1,300-year-old sculpture. One of the biggest problems the Pakistani government faces is corruption within the military, Police, and intelligence service. Many within these organizations are at the very least sympathetic or at the worst actively assisting the terrorists. Sooner or later the U.S. military is going to have to go into Northern Pakistan and clean out the terrorists. They now have a base of operations there ... (more)

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Mexican Horror Writer eats Girlfriend

By Steven Lane, published on Oct 26, 2007

...Jose Luis Calva, was arrested after the cops found his girlfriend's torso in his closet, a leg in the refrigerator and bones in a cereal box. Calva has admitted killing Alejandra Galeana while trying to control the girl during a violent argument. You gotta believe me, it was an accident! Police also believe that he killed and dismembered two previous girlfriends but have not charged him for those crimes. Calva told police he was a writer and a poet. Police found a draft of a novel titled "Cannibalistic Instincts" in his apartment. Sniff, sniff sniff the meat Salt it like you... (more)

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Slave Race: Are you ready for this?

By Credo, published on Oct 26, 2007

... who was said to be the most significant figure in the scriptures had hair like fine wool feet like unto burnish brass and eyes that were red as a flame and many blacks do too. But we were always indoctrinated with pictures and Sunday classes of a white Jesus who looked so much like Cesar or the police in our neighborhoods. If Adam was made from dirt dust and mud and the first man on earth he would posses genetic attributes that is seen in the earth along with the dominate gene in his body and everyone else who came after him would have the recessive gene, this is not unlike black people... (more)

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