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Untraceable Is Undesirable

By D. E. Carson, published on Jan 31, 2008

... FBI field agent in the cyber-crimes division who is still somewhat akward, we assume, with women. The closest he gets to one in the movie is nearly running over his own date to Marsh's daughter's birthday party at the local skating rink. Dowd is rushing out of the rink with Marsh and Portland Police Detecive Eric Box (played by Billy Burke) to return to the FBI office to watch another of Reilly's victims die on line.

Reilly is a by-the-book serial killer. He's predictable. Something happened to upset his world and he plans to get his revenge by killing everyone involved... (more)

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Prison Economy: Your Entitlement To Time In A Cell

By Crowings, published on Jan 24, 2008

...9/11 and the days and years immediately following in which a massive round-up of aliens and foreign-born occurred, and that within those following years all sorts of "crime sweeps" were enacted, in keeping with the Bush Administration's general advancement toward a deeply entrenched police state. In fact that GAO report was published in the middle of the very week during which the "largest criminal-sweep in the nation's history," Operation FALCON, occurred, in April 2005. A look at the lovely 'Death and Taxes Map' provides a graphic education in the proportion of allocations... (more)

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Of Wealth, Death, And Other Tragedies Of Our Time

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Jan 22, 2008

The New York Times City Blog this afternoon opened as follows: "The actor Heath Ledger was found dead this afternoon in an apartment in Manhattan, according to the New York City police. Signs pointed to a suicide or an accidental overdose, police sources said. Mr. Ledger was 28." It struck me how much is laid visible simply in our reactions to such an event: people are divided on the tragic nature of a single death when there is so much widescale atrocity. blog comments from readers in New York and beyond exhibited, in turns, sincerity, inanity ("we would expect this of britney but not... (more)

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Wilmington Nc Is The Next Hollywood?

By sanity check, published on Jan 15, 2008 works. Let’s say you’re a Yankee and driving your new Volvo down the street in Wilmington. Suddenly, you get T-boned by a local citizen attempting a left turn out of a parking lot. Anywhere else, the local driver is cited and that’s it. But in Wilmington, the investigating police officer will immediately assign partial blame to you because you’re from out of town.

The officer will cleverly disguise this by assigning a numerical code to the accident report , safe in the knowledge that you have no idea what happened and that he will never have to defend... (more)

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Do All You Can Do With The Shipping Address

By john_arnolds, published on Jan 7, 2008

...would have his own name and address written on the package. If everything goes well, that is the most convenient way, you open your mailbox and pick up the package, and instantly you are ready to bulk. However, if something goes wrong, you might have problems. One of the greatest fears is police officials entering your home and busting you in the act. We covered this a response to this issue before (Please read article here *link*, title*), but this does not prevent it. So how do we avoid any potential police interference?

If we look at the mail distributing and customs... (more)

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Diary of a Tired Black Man

By Credo, published on Jan 2, 2008 the victims of government policy. The incarceration of the poor and mentally ill. The growing prosperity from military ventures. The illusion of 'goodness' and primacy. The new einsatzgrupen forces. Assassination teams. Closed extralegal internment camps. The militarization of domestic police. Media blackout of non-approved issues. Blacklisting of protesters - including the no-fly lists and photographing dissenters at rallies. - There isn't much doubt in my mind - anyone who compares the history of Hitler's rise to power and the progression of recent events in the US cannot avoid... (more)

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The Tiger That Stole Christmas

By Ed Attanasio, published on Dec 26, 2007

...“Tatiana,” the 350-pound Siberian tiger, managed to escape its cage shortly after 5:00 p.m. and then attacked a man in his 20s who was standing near the tiger exhibit. The tiger then attacked at least two other visitors to the San Francisco Zoo before being shot and killed by police. The zoo is closed today as officials try to figure out what went wrong. They also want to conduct a thorough sweep of the grounds during daylight. They said additional victims aren’t likely. They are still uncertain how long the tiger was loose before she was killed by police. The... (more)

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Professional Law Enforcement Vs. Joe Horn

By Credo, published on Dec 25, 2007 down the block, break into a house in broad daylight in a white neighborhood and then walk casually to their cars or to another house with a bag full of stolen items. In a perfect world justice would prevail without dissention, there would be neither protest nor rallies, because the police would arrive on time to apprehend criminal suspects and deliver them to the courts unscathed, to be judged fairly then processed according to that judgment. In this case the protest began with Quanell X (born Quanell Ralph Evans on December 7, 1970 in Los Angeles, California) a leader of the... (more)

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The Missing Luggage

By Dany Bachir, published on Dec 25, 2007 the set description, I would say I was somewhere in South Asia. I had just landed in an awful airport in some extremely poor city. It was so dark that people sounded just like walking clothes. They were dark people walking in the dark. There was no sign of any checking control. Just few police guards standing at the ends of the halls. The sounds were loud. Some sounds coming from the planes landing, some others from the planes taking off and mostly the disturbing sounds of a language that was too hard to hear. The idea of having lost that luggage was tough. Since they were all... (more)

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Feasting At The Public Trough

By Mistress Doctor, published on Dec 13, 2007

...for years. Last year I inherited some money. I then bought a house in Novato. Novato is the furthest town north in Marin County. As a homeowner I now pay real estate taxes that go to the City of Novato and Marin County. My understanding is they go to pay for infrastructure. Like police, sheriff, district attorney, fire department, animal shelter, 911, schools, recreation departments, etc. I also pay rent for my office, also in Novato. I pay insurance, advertising, maintenance and utilities for my office. I have a doctorate in Psychology, a license from the State of... (more)

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