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The Good Guys Don’t Wear Badges (Part 2)

By DKIdea, published on May 6, 2014

The police are out of control. I have been of the mindset that this is something that just happened, but I now have to face the distinct possibility that it has been going on all along, and that the advent of better video technology and availability is simply showing us something that has always been present.

Not all police officers are negligent in the performance of their duties, but the blue code of silence makes all of them culpable since all it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do or say nothing. I know well the label any officer will get for speaking out, but also... (more)

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Monterey Police Harassment of a Homeless Woman!

By Stan Lee, published on Jun 30, 2013

Monterey Police Officer John Olney pulled over a Homeless senior woman on September 19th, 2012 for "impeding traffic" in the middle of the night, when there was "no traffic". Claiming that she was in violation of "Vehicle Code 22400", while driving on Garden Road for going "too slow".

The code that she was cited for was for driving "too slow" on the Highway, not on a City Street, something that Officer John Olney should have known.

The Officer was even "caught lying" on the Police Videotape, stating that she was driving 18mph and as low as 6mph, when the Police Radar documented... (more)

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Part 1: Miscarriage Of Justice

By Lumiere, published on Mar 6, 2011

My phone rang as I stood in line waiting to get a cup of coffee with my mom, it was my ex, Williams calling. I decided not to pick up, to do so would violate the court order put into place in February 16th, 2011 that was now seperating us like the great wall of China. The wall dividing our hearts and our lives was there for a reason, and out of disgust I really did not want to speak to Williams, much less hear the sound of more lies and deception. Although curious as to why my ex was calling, I was not willing to go to jail for 7 years over a phone call and childish games. I had endured enough... (more)

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