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Is There a Why?

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Apr 16, 2012

IS THERE A WHY? Why do we give so littleWhen we have an abundanceLiving within each of usTo baptize another...Perhaps your gift is a smileWhich unknowingly savedA despairing soulAfflicted, desperately holding onTo a sliver of aspiration...Your unpretentious smileBirthed a moment of graceBestowed a gift so pureCosting you nothingSaving unconsciously a soul...

I want to abide in this worldA world devoid of selfishUnperceptive apathyEyes that are openPerceiving life as giving...Take me away from recklessnessNever to amble on that pathWhen I am goneFrom this short momentIn time and space...Let... (more)

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By Barbara MacDonald , published on Mar 26, 2012

SEEING WITH MY HEART I saw you todayAnd the sorrowI tried not to seeWas etched deeplyWithin your soulI saw you and wantedSo badly to rock youin my arms and bringA mother's comfortBack to you.Take you to a placeOf innocence and comfortLost when we lostThe naivety of aSuckling baby uponA mother's breast.I saw you lookWith salted eyes intoYour own heartAnd cryTears that would not CeaseI saw you needingThe hope that youHad left in her armsLong agoEtched in sorrowI saw you bowYour head in prayerSearching for theStrength to beginAnew with courageI saw you and thoughYou did not seeI too bowed my headPraying... (more)

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By Barbara MacDonald , published on Mar 13, 2012

There will be days like this My Mama said...Days when everything you pick up knocks you back down.When comforts are empty and the world is noise.When the world is screaming and you still are deaf to it's meaningThe meaning being ONLY what they comprehend it to be.I will turn my face to the lightGo within and find a chalice of serenityWhich has been implanted in my soulFrom years and being branded by theFires of life's perplexities. There is still goodness in this worldthat even a river of tears cannever wash away.That the armies of adversity canNever destroy unlesswe choose to let them.On... (more)

Tags: poetry, faith, hope, darkness, light, strength, gratitude


By Barbara MacDonald , published on Mar 12, 2012


transposed energy

brought to transference

as exigency

soothing the jagged sensibility ***

Caressed, stroked, fondled

cherished, felt, blessed...

then put down again

to draw upon

when the soul cries for them***

Remembered embers of yesterday's delights..

enraptured surrenders of

the souls "home"

Unforgotten shadows

congruent but not released ***

Learning from them

I place them gently

in my soul's attic

to draw strength when

drowning... (more)

Tags: poetry, memories, good, bad, bittersweet


By Barbara MacDonald , published on Mar 11, 2012

I left my ego behind today

sent him to another place

far from me

to no longer

fill my mind

or heart

with detrimental fabrication.

I awoke this morning

fresh from a peaceful dream

then ego took over

"oh, I don't want to get up"

"it's too cold out"

"I want to sleep some more"

"don't want to spend the day cleaning"

The voice took hold

stared at me when

I glanced

in the mirror

saying"oh you look bad today"

"don't even think to smile "

"you have... (more)

Tags: poetry, judging, control, empathy, ego based thinking


By Barbara MacDonald , published on Mar 10, 2012

Serenity Sometimes we are walking blindly not even realizing how clouded our vision has become... What is that sudden flash of thought, feeling, awareness... to awakens us and bring clarity into a sacred focus Seeing truth beyond any emotional, narrow, preposterous definition of who or what you think I am to be... I am created by a higher being made perfect in his grace and vision reaching beyond any worldly parameters to reach steadfast existing grace and abundance... Placing all my heart, soul, quintessence surrendering to what is to be knowing there is peace and love waiting in... (more)

Tags: poetry, destiny, home, purpose

Amor Vincit Omnia

By Lumiere, published on Feb 10, 2012

Standinghumblebefore blinding light

Some call you God,others ReligionSpirituality


you are the truth we seekthe Holy Grailin the midstof our lieswhich dividerather than unite

Wars of disagreementlasting centuriesnever defilecrumble like old bricksbefore what is incorruptible

Wet tears to save the unbornarguing razor rhetoricnauseating wordspro life versus pro choice

While 6 million childrenbornwoundedbloody by warlimbs brokenfamilies destroyedsouls pierced by tramacry dailyin desperationfor healing from injusticearsenals of our hatredspreading... (more)

Tags: poetry, love, hope, lex lumiere, children of war, valentines day, valentines weekend

The Fall Of Leave - Losing the wings of desire

By D. Sager, published on Feb 1, 2012

Stepping over the edge, I fall gentle but fast Everything a blur, except the ride now past I struggle with clipped wings of desire Feathers floating in a pinion fire Calls they echo, on cliffs of saddened Still I fall, my wings abandoned Through flight condemned to aviary Caught by fate in the fall of Leave

First Written in


Tags: poetry, fall, leave, flight, edge, aviary, cliffs, feather, pinion, wings

Falling colors

By Betty B., published on Jan 18, 2012

Falling colors surround the ground falling colors all around the crisp wind blowing them like a dance that helps us see true romance

His hands shaping the leaves so divine their brightness clears the tears we cry we spread his joy from way up high.

Falling colors seem joyful in the sun as the squirrels leap and play to gather their food seems to be so much fun.

Falling colors light up the world they give us sight in this season of trial of how He will bring us all a brand new tommorow.

Look outside and see the sunshine help the fallen colors shape the ground keep... (more)

Tags: poetry, love, spiritual, heaven, nature, living, colors, sight


By mantra lotus, published on Jan 3, 2012

Lightening stretched across the sky and beamed through the curtains..

Twilight slept upon my dreary face..

fallen shoulders lie on purple sheets.

A breath... a blow. To sleep but never to dream.

Uneasy and restless.

Rocky mind.

Beautiful yet untouched.

Fruitful curls perfectly kept. Peach smooth lips. Satin belly with rose tucked navel.

Rested thigh and dangled foot.

Unmoved and still. Lush and Lively, yet unreachable.

Unattainable and Undisturbed.

Internally suspended within realms of impossibility.

Wishful... (more)

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