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Book Review: Leaves of Grass

By Ely North, published on Mar 12, 2013

Poetry sucks. With its flowery language and vague phrasings, you have to study and interpret it just to extract any kind of meaning from it. Then, invariably, some “literary expert” – like my high school English teacher – will tell you that your analysis is wrong, and condescendingly enlighten you as to the “true” meaning of the poem. Who needs that kind of aggravation? Outside of dirty limericks, I have no use for this entire literary genre. Poetry sucks.

As I was drunkenly spouting off this distaste for poetry one night, a friend of mine (a high school English teacher –... (more)

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Magic Man

By Debbie D.B., published on Feb 13, 2013

She was grinning like a Cheshire Cat

Feeling gorgeous and wicked

and wishing that

It would never end

This was madness, of course, and too decadent

Lived only for the next interlude

Her feelings, so eloquent

It was bound to end

Flames that burn too brightly are not easy to sustain

The Magic Man was losing interest

and she was in so much pain

It was going to end

She tried a few last-ditch desperation ploys

This only served to make things worse

And now, there would be no more joys

This was... (more)

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Conquer the Heart with the Surrender of One Kiss

By HomeRearedChef, published on Dec 19, 2012

...captured on camera and on canvas:

Le Baiser de Hotel de Ville, Paris, by Robert Doesneau (1950)

V-J Day in Times Square, by Alfred Eisenstaedt (1945)

Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr, in From Here to Eternity (1953)

The Kiss, by Gustav Klimt (1907)

NOTE: The poetry in this article is the written work of Virginia Kahler-Anderson

“Two souls, two hearts joined.

Linked; thus working as one mind.

For ever wedded.”

“Arm in arm and cheek to cheek,

We’ll walk; we’ll sit, and talk the great mysteries of life,

And ... (more)

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Clay POT

By Rahul, published on Nov 28, 2012

The clay pot sitting peacefully on top of a stone stove giving the rain water a spot to rest, a spark flies from nowhere to light a small fire.

Under the pot the leaves are dry while the rest lay around soaked by the morning fall, thus the clay pot gives shelter to the fire and thus allows it to flower.

For the one watching it would seem the flame gently touching the bottom of the pot, and heating the water that rest inside to steam that rises free.

In truth the fire is bashing the earthy clay trying to find a way through to burn free and wild, while the water inside prefers... (more)

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I'm getting married!

By Dan Bonser, published on Nov 21, 2012

I never thought I’d say the words But I’m getting married And I’m happy as a bird Once, Very long ago I wanted to find a love That would move me so Yet it never seemed to come So I locked myself away And forgot about love Until this day I woke up happy With a woman by my side And cuddled her soundly For she would be my bride I remember asking the question And giving her a ring That slipped on her finger Such a beautiful thing I’ve had many failed loves Through my history Enough to show me what was Pain and misery I’ve fought and screamed And thrown people to the curb Then risen again... (more)

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A Country in Romance

By Anastasia , published on Nov 20, 2012

...for miles around, now a scenic pleasure, once an essential safeguard. From there an early warning could be given at the approach of English raiders, pouring over the border from Northumberland. On these occasions it was better to be inside than out!

Scott mentions Smailholm twice in his poetry, in The Eve of Saint John and again in Marmion. The Tower is a wonderful and evocative reminder of a strange and violent past, captured superbly in Scott’s epic; And still I thought that shattered tower The mightiest work in human power And marvelled, as the aged hind With some strange... (more)

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A Musical Point!

By Angie Alaniz, published on Nov 5, 2012 love at overture before the propositions. So forget the sharps and flats as every good boy does fine the beat can live on.

We can help you orchestrate that great masterpiece if that’s what you need to give to please its fine but really it doesn’t have to be all that!

I take that back, maybe for some but not for the woman in love.

Don’t you see a sonata is all that we need orchestrating our own concerto of love.

Stop searching and trying so hard it’s the little things that are sweet-sounding musical poetry, it flows and completes us it really does.


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“The truth is just a bottle we never opened”

By Lartinos, published on Oct 8, 2012

Gotta go against the grain when others think you’re insane, all in the name of not being plain.

Gotta stand out to be seen,

Gotta say what you mean,

Gotta stay honest and clean.

It’s not about thinking outside the box, it’s about creating a new box with a different shape that others couldn’t contemplate.

Taking that feeling of stress that others repress and turning it into success.

Stare into that mirror with your eyes wide open and embrace

Your faults and realize they are your fault. If not look closer and closer until those thoughts divide... (more)

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Love At First Sight

By Angie Alaniz, published on Sep 22, 2012

There he stood staring back at me a look so deep it enticed me.

Shy at first I turned and looked away.

Who was he to do this to me?

What the hell am I thinking no time to debate.

I liked it of course he was so attractive.I must be proactive.I must turn around once more where he stood.

As I glanced the room entranced quickly drawing him near.So fast in fact I took a step back..."ouch" ...and just like that ... there he stood over me.

“Checkmate my dear” he whispered in my ear.“No hunt is needed not now or ever it’s meant... (more)

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They f**k you up, your mum and dad

By Anastasia , published on Aug 14, 2012

...Chatterley ban And the Beatles' first LP. He manages to be simple, funny and profound all at the same time, rather like John Betjeman, another poet and observer of English life that I hugely admire. Larkin, though, as a discovery was rather late for me (a poet divine in 2009!) It was the 2009 poetry season screened on BBC 2 that really opened me up to the melancholic beauty of his work, to one poem in particular which simply overwhelmed me, something I’ll come on to in a moment. Prior to this I really only knew him from This be the verse, a poem I memorised in my teens to recite to the... (more)

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