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Walking on Dry Land

By Deanna Meiresonne, published on Apr 20, 2010

If you just want it bad enough, do you want it bad enough? When can you let go, please? Where will you finally go? Have you tagged on a reason? Have you found a home? You need some supplies first. Tent, backpack, you have to make arrangements. Things to plan, places to go, people to see. I’d suggest a map. You know, and I could reconnectlet the world knowyou’ll be out and aboutit’s time to seewhat we’re made ofWhat are you going to do?Bring the paints with you? That’s a lot of thinking, on the road like that,do you really think you can handle any more thinking? And lonely, what if you get lonely,... (more)

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What Do You See?

By ranfuchs, published on Jan 31, 2010

When you look at the sky what do you see?

Birds in the wind,

Or clouds floating by?

Can you still see the sun

When it’s dark all around?

When you look at the clouds what do you see?

A rabbit or an angel,

A horse or a devil?

Can you still see the blue

Through the clouds above you?

When you look at the stars what do you see?

Diamonds flickering,

Or hydrogen burning

In the vastness of space of time –

The origin of all life.

When you look at yourself what do you see?

Spec of dust or... (more)

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Come Clean

By taking off the mask, published on Dec 30, 2009

why are you so scared

to express your thoughts

your opinions

why is it you have to hide your name

you seem ashamed

i can't blame you

you tell me my poetry is silly

yet you have the nerve to remain nameless

why do you act so tough

when you are truely soft

you insult others work

yet you don't give any advice

you just tell them how much their work sucked

while you munch on a sandwich

which you probably bought

so tell me sir

why is it you diss others

but you choose to remain nameless

... (more)

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A Tribute to Cory Huffman

By Kevin Goodman, published on Oct 29, 2009

The warrior is poorly understood

The revolutionary, ronin, knight errant


They preferred comfort over causes 

but we have taken our last stand; this stand 

is about respect. The primordial soul 

of man; self determination is - life. 


Rodents scurry the plague through heaven 

The rebel would not be called; hero. 

He resolved a final resolution 

his heart and mind beyond resurrection. 


Do not mistake this death a suicide 

His was a victory; he saved himself.


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What is journalism?

By Corey Taft, published on Sep 27, 2006

...its quest for objectiveness. Which leads me to wonder about what should be printed in our newspapers and other media outlets? Where in the natural world does it proclaim that only disciplined articles posing as objective are worthy of the public's eyes? What if someone wants to read poetry? Wants to read something extremely subjective? Not because they are looking to expand their inner-soul or something poetically extravagant like that but just because it's been a long day and they need a kick of something different. In a world that has never before seen such a vast and... (more)

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A day like any other

By ranfuchs, published on Sep 18, 2018

The day life ended was a day like any other.

People walked down the street, airplanes flew overhead,

and robbers broke into the local bank.

The day life ended, the sky was blue, the sun was shining,

and a few white clouds drifted westwards with the wind.

A dog was running down the street, chased by his owner.

No one knew it was only hours before the wind would stop blowing, the sun would freeze in its orbit,

and no mind would remain to observe.

If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears,

what is the sound of the one hand clapping?

... (more)

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