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Book Review: I Confess I Have Lived by Pablo Neruda

By Ely North, published on May 29, 2013

I confess that I scoffed at the idea that the autobiography of a world-renowned twentieth-century Chilean poet could be very interesting. I was wrong. Neruda emerged from an obscure town in a disregarded corner of the planet to live a fascinating life that uplifted people all around the world. He tells his story masterfully, relating his own experiences and his perceptions of major world events with a poetic flair and a tinge of humor that delight and entertain the reader.

Pablo Neruda was the original Most Interesting Man in the World. Besides being a famous poet, he also... (more)

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You Are Not - A poets revenge against cliche's

By D. Sager, published on Feb 15, 2012

...angel whose wings carried you to me from afar Your are like mischievous devils whose temptations take me from fantasy to reality You are not like a song, a tune sung over and over, children clapping their hands You are like the sounds of waves, crashing your sexuality over my beaches You are not like gentle swans, perfect beauty so many times compared You are like violent lightning, striking the lies of men and melting my soul to yours You not like the ordinary and common seen on every poet's page You are like the grandeur of space, possessing the beginning and ending of my life


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On Writing…

By davemartin1965, published on Nov 4, 2011

...year, and that made all the difference.

My junior year, Fall 1986, I changed my major to Psychology - just for the inside joke of having once worked with rocks, and would now work with the rocks in peoples' heads. I took a bunch of classes as electives - including a creative writing poetry course. I wrote freely about my first boyfriend in a number of my poems, and had no rejection from the professor or my classmates. I received praise for the vivid imagery or the powerful emotions my poems could invoke.

In February 1987, I had a shock. My first - and only - boyfriend... (more)

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Whiting Writers' Awards of $50,000 to Ten Writers

By TonyBerkman, published on Oct 26, 2011

The recipients were proposed by anonymous nominators, from around the country, and then selected by an anonymous committee. The ceremony announcing the Whiting Award Winners took-place this evening at the Times Center in New York.

The keynote address was given by poet Mark Doty. Ten emerging writers including a novelist in New York City and a poet in Casa Grande, Ariz., are among this year's winners of the Whiting Writers' Awards.

The 2011 Whiting Writer's Award winners for 2011 are:

- Scott Blackwood is a fiction writer based out of Chicago. His novel “We Agreed... (more)

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On Writing: The Poet

By Tom Lewis, published on Jan 27, 2010

...You can look it up. Our hero had revised a couple of captions a couple of times, and here they were, bounced again, with a blizzard of blue admonishments for him to work through.

He took it all in with a sweep of his hand and said, sadly, "I don't know what I'm doing here. I'm a bleeping poet."

"Oh. Well," the editor pointed out as gently as possible, "you were hired to be a bleeping writer."

"I am a writer. I write all the time, when I feel like it. But God, all these rules! They've taken all the creativity out of it."

"So let me see if I've got the picture.... (more)

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What is journalism?

By Corey Taft, published on Sep 27, 2006

... despite its quest for objectiveness. Which leads me to wonder about what should be printed in our newspapers and other media outlets? Where in the natural world does it proclaim that only disciplined articles posing as objective are worthy of the public's eyes? What if someone wants to read poetry? Wants to read something extremely subjective? Not because they are looking to expand their inner-soul or something poetically extravagant like that but just because it's been a long day and they need a kick of something different. In a world that has never before seen such a vast and... (more)

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