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Criminal gangs are holding innocent people to ransom

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jul 31, 2012

Gangs, have in the past been in control of situation utilising the network to hide behind. When you run to the police when this happens. It's the normal place to go for the honest people. Yet, this criminal gang that lurks in the dark holes of our society is not open, or honest. With a huge network weaved within the criminals and the people most of us will run to for help.

The drugs are pouring into all our countries around the world with it Globally illegal, yet it hits the news every night somewhere in the World. We have Global issues regarding the drugs running within the world,... (more)

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Free Phuong Ngo from Prison in Australia, it could be you!

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jul 31, 2012

Researching for The Kings Cross Sting I found this explosive evidence about Phuong Ngo

I have never met with Mr Phuong Ngo, nor do I know him personally yet I feel his pain when you know what happened to him has happened to many others around the world. Where a little mistake has occurred, this mistake has gone not picked up and has resulted in many other mistakes to come about as a reaction of the mistake.

Whilst you read the book, you will see how the organised criminal gangs utilise the law for protection and how the law needs to see between the lines to help stop the organised... (more)

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