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What makes an artist?

By XanthusKidd, published on Feb 3, 2013

...something one can express without an innate desire to call it art? I really have very little interest in conventional art. I find some paintings interesting, and I enjoy beauty in any form, but I have never appreciated any piece merely because it is art, or have I?

I immensely enjoy photography. I have since I was quite young. My dad taught me how to use film SLR systems sometime around the age of 10, maybe younger; I don't recall precisely. Since then, I have been obsessed with cameras and their products. I was subscribed to the Popular Photography magazine for several years, and... (more)

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By DebTim, published on May 6, 2012

Tonight we witness History The Perigee Super Moon Beauty on display for us Sunset coming soon The brightest seen in twenty years The largest moon by far Impressive in it’s glow A shining super star To see the moon in it’s glory Dusk is the best time Illusion meets reality As it makes its eastern climb Hanging low in eastern skies Reach out and touch the moon Treasured moments on this night Twenty years won’t come too soon


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Where can I Copy Free Pictures for my Blog?

By ForestWander, published on Nov 5, 2011, is Wikimedia commons. This media resource can be used to find images for free, according to creative commons licensing. Image content is categorized into many sections such as topic, location, type, author, license, and source.Another favorite of many digital and graphic artists is a photography social network called Flickr. The resources which are found on this photography network are nearly limitless. Millions of photographers from all calibers upload and share images on this portal. Since the photographers who upload their images to this site are typically not professional... (more)

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The Need to Capture the Moment

By cherry-eyed, published on Jan 29, 2011

Recently, at a show in NYC, I witnessed something first-hand that was, for me, symptomatic of a larger trend riddled with irony. As the headlining band was playing, arms seemed to sprout up all around me. Each pair was trying to steady a camera or Iphone at their apex. Movement to the rhythm ceased as the occasional flash went off from the less inhibited (or tech-savy). Shortly after, you have the customary proof-reading, marked by faces angled downward towards the illumination of their little toys.

What made this noteworthy for me, was not only the sheer number of people engaging in... (more)

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Dinosaurs And Pod People

By Tom Lewis, published on Sep 29, 2009 Laser printing is not quite as crisp as offset, either, which you are not going to notice when you're looking at type, line drawings or even black and white photos. Nor does it reproduce color photographs as well, so if what you have in mind is a coffee table book of color wildlife photography, POD is not the way to go.

But if all you want to do is publish a book -- your poems from your garlic period, let's say -- and get it out there in cyberspace where it just might catch on -- a few hundred bucks will put you in play. Just type "self publishing" into a search engine... (more)

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"suggested Donation"

By travelingseth, published on Sep 19, 2009

...get to feel like it’s some enlightened system. It’s not. It’s capitalism. Just acknowledge it.I try to shake my mood and get into the event. For the most part I succeed. The environment is good. A DJ spins good tunes from the living room/dance floor. Great Burning Man photography covers the walls. Burners mill about in cool costumes. But the differences between the SF Burning Man party and Burning Man keep getting starker.There's Burning Man culture galore. But the spirit is absent. The people are dressed like at Burning Man, but acting differently. They're... (more)

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On The Air With Radio Talk Show Diva Kim Smith

By boomergirl, published on Jul 4, 2009

...I can get it out in print. So you guys, GO BUY!!!

I guess the biggest question of all – how do you combine writing and radio interviews and still have a life?

Kim: Well, I also work forty plus hours a week at a full time job, and own and operate my own photography/videography business, so I really do not have much life. I hardly ever go out anymore unless it is with my hubby who is my business partner. I miss enjoying social outings a lot, and so when one of my writing friends has time to meet for a cup of coffee and a chat about writing, or... (more)

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Model Jasmine Joi: Relax And Have Fun

By Gary Schwind, published on Jun 19, 2009

...Know your angles. Hopefully you have a cool photographer you can vibe with. Basically, that's it. Just relax. Just have fun with it.

What makes a good photographer?

Someone who has been doing it for a long time. Someone who knows lighting. Somebody who knows the whole photography craft, not just a guy with a camera. I really like photographers that give you a creative scene. I like scenes, coming up with something different, to where everyone else doesn't have the same images as you. I like photographers I can vibe with.

What's a misconception that people have ... (more)

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St. Elmo Village 40th Anniversary Celebration

By Ricky Ricardo, published on May 28, 2009

...24, additional musical performances were provided by S.H.I.N.E. Mawusi Drumming, Fahamu Jazz Quartet, Greg Wright Blues Band, Dwight Trible and La Combinacion Salsa Band.

The festival featured spoken word, one of a kind handmade arts and crafts, clothing’s, jewelry, paintings, photography, and graphic exhibits, Village and Garden tours.

St. Elmo Village 40th Anniversary Celebration was sponsored by MINC- Mid City Neighborhood Council, Allan DiCastro, President, Mid Town Rainbow Block Club, Council District 10- Herb J. Wesson Jr., Earl B. Gilmore Foundation, Wal-Mart- ... (more)

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February's Featured Contributor - Pleasurepalate

By Digidave, published on Mar 1, 2008

... anything to write about.

What is something about you that we don't already know from your profile? Do you have a special talent or skill we should know about?

Well, I don't know if I call it a special talent or skill, but it's something I really enjoy doing and that's photography, especially food photography. In fact, I actually consider myself a "phoodie" - a foodie who loves to take photos of food. Currently, in my Flickr photoset, I have over 5000 photos just of food alone and that doesn't count the hundreds that I still haven't uploaded. I've even gotten... (more)

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