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The Broken Gift

By Yvonne Wu, published on Aug 29, 2013

In my new book "The Broken Gift" I demonstrate alignment between key events and their dates relating to the appearance and early history of our species as described in Genesis chapters 1 through 11 (Adam, Adam’s descendants, the Flood, and the fall of Babel) with those derived from scientific observation.

I found that almost every person has at some point in their life pondered the question “where did I come from?” I found that the Bible and science are mostly in agreement as to what happened and how - although not completely on when it happened, and by studying both the Bible and science... (more)

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The Sound Of Sirens

By D. Sager, published on Jun 13, 2013

...pleasures, intense dreams, cold beer, what more could a man want from chasing the pleasures of his Queen? I could go on but would you be interested in the musings of one who gave his ear in desperation of love, or one who wrote under the influence of acid and heroin? If not for leisure, philosophy would find no fertile ground. How can you think when your body is burdened with heat, sweat and fatigue? Yet, as I grabbed the sweaty pillow, I was lying down, sleeping, and still I sweated with what? Passion? Work? What trick of nature is this? I'm still and yet my dreams bring labor, enough ... (more)

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Perception and Infinity

By Ely North, published on Apr 28, 2013

“If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.” ~William Blake

Contemplating this quote kindled a heated debate between my Reason and my Spirit. My Reason shot the opening salvo in this uncivil war for my mind:

Reason: This is pure poetical nonsense, and I refuse to waste time trying to decipher it.

Spirit: Don’t trivialize what you don’t understand, you dismissive prick. Just because you can’t submit it to your rationality and logic doesn’t necessarily make it nonsense.

Reason: Look around, dipshit. Rationality... (more)

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Live in the Now

By Ely North, published on Mar 25, 2013

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” ~Buddha

This profoundly obvious bit of ancient wisdom from the holy lips of the Buddha has evolved into a clichéd piece of popular advice in our modern society. Whenever people are preoccupied with something, we automatically instruct them to “Live in the now.” But don’t we all just naturally do this? Isn’t our default mental setting to pay attention to the present moment?

No, actually. Over several days of contemplating these words of wisdom I found that I rarely concentrate... (more)

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How to become a poet

By John Vespasian, published on Jun 24, 2012

If you wish to become a poet, I can give you some clues, but please take your heart medication before you read this through, since it contains some strong truths.First, you have to realize that nobody cares about what you want to be, so don't go around complaining that you are misunderstood. Artistic sensitivity is fine, but please keep it to yourself, since there is already too much noise in the world.Second, you should just start writing poetry and do not ask anyone for permission. If you do happen to ask someone for permission, you most likely won't even get a response. Again, it's... (more)

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The Big Bang Theory

By DebTim, published on May 7, 2012

Do you ever watch “The Big Bang Theory”? The title of that show got me thinking… Just for a moment imagine walking through the halls of the most amazing museums in Italy, wandering through echoing halls, viewing works of art created by the most famous artists of all time. These pieces – paintings, sculptures all expertly crafted long before you were even a thought. Now imagine some bozo saying something like this – “Wow, I would really like to know what amazing cosmic accident happened to result in the beautiful creation of these??” If you saw that you would probably think this person... (more)

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Heads and Hearts

By DebTim, published on May 6, 2012

It’s funny how two parts of a whole are so completely different. I’m talking about our heads and our hearts. Both parts are very important yet they have completely different agendas. Take our heads for instance. Better yet take our minds. Even when we are sleeping our minds are busy. I don't think our minds will be happy unless they are active in some way. Whether it’s logical thinking or fantasies, our minds are constantly at work on something. Now our hearts seem to have a way of processing things as well but with a far different goal in mind. Our hearts essentially seek... (more)

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Your Internal Reservoir

By DebTim, published on May 5, 2012

The power of love is truly amazing. Just a little love can go a long long way. Inside each of us is a vast reservoir of kindness. For some of us, it's not that easy to tap into. The fact remains that it's there and we need to use it more often. If we have this wonderful internal reservoir of kindness why do many of us experience a dry spell? Probably because we allow these pipes to get corroded clogging up the natural flow. If we allow this to happen, eventually our pipes of kindness with seize up completely and we will only experience a pitiful dribble. I believe to keep... (more)

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The Gold in Silence

By DebTim, published on May 4, 2012

There are many times in life when it’s better not to open your mouth - keeping your thoughts and opinions to yourself. Often we have something witty and amusing to impart but if the situation isn’t appropriate we could end up looking the fool. Times like this it’s important to evaluate your situation and your comment, making sure it is accepted the way you want. Think before you speak. Easier said than done I’m afraid. Choosing your words wisely and deciding the right time to speak are essential in giving your words the most impact when trying to get your point across. In developing... (more)

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Take the Plunge

By DebTim, published on May 2, 2012

What lies ahead? What’s in your future? Are you ready to take the plunge and find out? Are you really ready to move forward? Sometimes that’s a difficult question to answer. You may say “yes” without so much as a hesitation, until you think about all it requires. For a moment, imagine yourself at the end of a high diving board looking down. You may have the jitters, maybe even some fear and dread mixed in. You may also experience excitement and wonder. Logically you have two pretty simple options. You can be brave and jump or you can shimmy back to the ladder the way you came... (more)

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