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Iggy the Bold Bunny..and Babies

By melanie jean juneau, published on Sep 26, 2013

...pushed the door open with her nose. She was aggressive and determined, not cowering or timid at all.

Does this fit your image of a rabbit? I know Iggy continually shocked my whole family.

Unbelievable as it sounds, Iggy, not the cat or dog, was soon in charge of the household pets.

Kitty was so terrified of Iggy that she would come down the stairs silently and then cautiously peak around the staircase to see if Iggy was anywhere around. If there was no sign of Iggy, she would creep tentatively down the long hall, stopping to look around, twitching her whiskers and... (more)

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Guinea PIGS

By melanie jean juneau, published on Aug 27, 2013

No able-bodied human or animal would live in my house without contributing in some way to our household

I was losing patience with ours; every time I opened the fridge that little rodent would squeak like crazy, begging for another vegetable.

One day, I marched out into our garden and pulled out an entire stalk of broccoli and stuffed it in the guinea pig's cage. I stuffed the entire cage with greens, mini broccoli and a thick, fibrous stalk. The wire door didn't even close completely.

The next morning the entire plant was gone, only a few tough, stringy fibers... (more)

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Living Within a Triangle of Light.

By melanie jean juneau, published on Dec 6, 2012

We love animals almost as much as kids. Our indoor pets and our farm-animals really are part of our family, included in an invisible triangle of light with God at the pinnacle and Michael and I at each corner of the base. Streams of unbreakable light continually flow, surrounding our kids and animals. Inside this home of light our children and animals developed, often surprising our extended family and friends. Neighbouring farmers are especially flabbergasted when they catch glimpses of our animal's unusual behaviour.

The dog laid down with the cat and the cat stood up to the cow.

... (more)

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Shadow: Quirky, Annoying but Always Loved

By melanie jean juneau, published on Oct 19, 2012

Shadow was part of my children's lives for 13 years. He was the most quirky and annoying pet we have ever owned. He was also messy, bossy and slightly dense. I can only list some of his utterly hilarious behaviour because it would take an entire chapter in a book to really flesh out his exploits.

1. Shadow grew up with cats.

They could cuddle up beside him or lay on top of him and he barely raised an eyebrow. He tossed mice and fish around like a cat and sometimes he played more like a cat than a dog.

2. Shadow could not stand to be left out of any activity. Thus the name... (more)

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Cat Resolutions 2012

By Donna Brown, published on Dec 31, 2011

...I need to find a way to get that toast that smells oh so good! And to steal Mummy's banoffee pie! She won't let me have that, or chocolate, or banana, or tea, or sweets, or buns, or bread. I steal the bread sometimes but I never manage to get far with the loaf before they can catch me.

Razz and Kain would have the same resolutions they've always had. Razz would always want to be in, preferably eating but otherwise sleeping. Kain would always want to be out, whatever the weather, whatever the worry caused!

What resolutions do you think your pets will have for 2012?


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The Wandering Vet Knows His Pets

By Ed Attanasio, published on Feb 14, 2011

... get long walks and treats every day and Kitty may have clean litter and plenty of brushings and plenty of catnip, but serious pet care takes more than guesswork and good intentions. It’s easy to avoid taking a pet to the doctor especially if it’s an unpleasant experience all around. For some pets and their owners the capturing, crating and journey for even a routine medical exam can fray the best of nerves. The tendency is to put off the routine care and only call the doctor when the situation is unmanageable or chronic.

“Animals do have memories” said Dr. Behrens. “And when ... (more)

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Woof, Woof

By Frank - icare2be, published on Feb 6, 2011

I love to pet my doggie.Stroke, stroke,Pat, patty, pat,Scratch, scratchety, scratch.

I like to pet my doggie,Here a lick, there a lick.Flick, flick, flickety, flick,Goes the tongue of my doggie.

I like to pet my puppy,Something flows from me to him,Something flows from him into me,For some unknown reason I am calmer,After I stroke, stroke,Patty, pat, patty, pat,Scratch, scratchety, scratch.

I like to pet my doggie.His big brown eyes expressing,Please, please, pretty please.His tail is wagging hither and fro.He brushes his body against my leg,Turns around and brushes the... (more)

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So Long, Old Pal?

By alan handwerger, published on Apr 11, 2010

There was no doubt that Sparky had some social problems: attacking pretty much anything that moved unless it had been given my good housekeeping seal of approval leaps to mind. But he was fiercely devoted to the family; and as I was traveling a good deal of the time back then, having a snarling, menacing presence patrolling the driveway round the clock was, in a strange way, a source of comfort – even if it did wreak havoc with my home owner’s insurance. Truth be told, he only ever bit two humans hard enough to trigger legal proceedings. And in both cases he had not only my sanction, but also... (more)

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The Power of the Purrs

By alan handwerger, published on Feb 22, 2010

Oliver the cat is asleep on my head. His strong, steady purring causes a vibration in my cranium, numbing my brain. We are comfortable together.

It was not always this way between Oliver and me. When first we met, eight or nine years ago, Ollie’s only interest in me, and in the rest of the human race, was to assure us that if we came within ten feet of him, he would rip us to shreds with his claws and bite us with great fury. Odd behavior from an animal that was being fed fresh salmon twice a day.

This handsome, ferocious little tiger had entered our lives through the basement... (more)

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Oh, You'll Notice Me Alright!

By Innocent Owner, published on Feb 10, 2010

Cats are like people in many ways. They have good moods and bad moods. Sometimes they want to play and other times they want to be left alone. Most of all though, just like us, they crave love and attention.

I was in my early 20's fresh from moving back to California, living with my fiancée at the time and seven other people. Money was hard to come by and the traffic in and out of the house was just too much. Her parents offered for us to move in with them and we both agreed it was a great idea. There was only one issue, cats. Her mom did not like cats and we had two of them, Frankie... (more)

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