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The Joys and Agonies of Online Community Building

By Libdrone, published on Aug 26, 2010

...No matter how important the topic may be, no matter how worthy the person or issue being discussed, it is NEVER okay to post the same message in more than one spot. Period.

Many communities have policies against advertising, against vulgar language, against ad hominem or personal attacks as well as policies that are very specific to their community. As a newcomer to any community it is important to learn what is and isn't acceptable behavior in that community. When users willfully refuse to follow the mores of the community, it leads inevitably to flame wars of the... (more)

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Maybe Your Definition Of Constructive Differs From Mine

By Gary Schwind, published on Nov 5, 2008

Please express criticism in courteous, temperate, and constructive terms.

Does that sentence look familiar? It should, for anyone who has ever left feedback on this site. I am hoping now that the election is over, we can go back to following that disclaimer. Or in the case of some writers, we can start following it.

Much political discussion has occurred on Broowaha in the past few months. I even involved myself in the discourse for a bit, which is quite unlike me. The trouble with discussing politics in a public forum is that far too frequently the discourse degenerates into... (more)

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