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No Place to Hide

By christinemer, published on Nov 29, 2011

... after his common-law wife's underage child. Is Woody Allen a pedophile? Oh yeah. And don't talk to me about Roman Polanski and his latest movie. The truth is, we are fickle people who don't see our own forest through the trees. And I, for one, intend to change.

Here is a message to all pedophiles: Let the bells toll far and wide. There is no safe haven for you people any longer. You will be found. You will be prosecuted and henceforth you will not be allowed to pick a career in which you might feel safe in the evil that you do. End of story. And if there are other industries providing ... (more)

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What can We Learn from the Penn State Scandal?

By DeniseGabbard, published on Nov 19, 2011

...enough to get past this abuse and live fruitful lives.


Rather than dwell on the magnitude of the horror, I prefer to look to the future and wonder what good can come out of these tragic circumstances. I believe that primarily, such a public scandal will put some focus on pedophiles and the abuses of young children. It seems that we hear about child sexual abuse much more nowadays than in the past. This is not due to an increase in child sexual abuse, but rather because the victims are finally feeling empowered to speak up about the abuse. Of course, they normally only... (more)

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