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The Print Dilemma

By Shane Joseph, published on Nov 4, 2013

...How dare the interviewer ask me this question when I was on the show promoting...well...print!

Coming out of the interview however, I got to thinking about this question more deeply. If he had asked me whether “print for money” was dead, I may have been inclined to say that “the patient was in the emergency room.” When you consider that writers like Fitzgerald, Hemingway and Salinger were paid in the $’000s per story during the glory days of magazine publishing in the ’30’s and ’40’s, and that now those payouts are down in the $’00’s or less, inflation seems... (more)

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Waiting's Close Lover When

By D. Sager, published on Jan 18, 2013

Dressing myself with Waiting's robes looking in the mirror at When. Finding thoughts that without warning haunt and scare my lonely Then. Question the mistress Waiting, again to the end of never, When? Waiting she dances, holding me close and calling her lover When Her music of chance and sultry moves under the covers of patient Then A cruel lover Waiting plays with me as I grow old with desire When Teasing from me my passing youth with Waiting's close lover When First published in


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Can your subconscious mind help you heal cancer

By Jennifer Stone, published on May 31, 2012

... subconscious mind is actually thinking it is a goal we have and the cancer will explode and grow out of control.

When your a mother you support your children telling them how good they are. We are reinforcing a positive to create more positive situations in their own life. For a cancer patient, people send you get well cards, they don't plan a holiday with the person setting their eyes on a future that is bright and cancer free.

Chemotherapy is just one medicine to fight cancer, some patients will have operations. Others will have radiation without our subconscious mind... (more)

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International Day of Compassion - Care or Cure

By Barkha Dhar, published on May 15, 2011 integrates cause with compassion and is a consciousness raising effort of utmost importance in healthcare system today. Historically, health has been analogous to medicine and ‘bedside manner’ has therefore been a critical part of Doctors’ diagnosis and care relationship with their patients. However, over the years this contemporary facet of medical ethics has been slowly replaced by tyrannical pathology and health technology. Hence, the medical model with its many inventions may have reduced the pain. But it has been unable to eliminate the suffering in the absence of human... (more)

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