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Feeling Good

By Rahul, published on Jun 16, 2013

Past events reel before me, often placing a smile on my face. Time and again some memories surface from the cranial depths and become the part of my present, creating an even more wonderful and cherishing new memory. Living life to me is like seeing a good movie in an old cine theater, laughing, crying and letting all my emotions fly into the hall's quarter darkness, unintentionally memorizing the best scenes and dialogues and now and then looking back at the projector room with curiosity, wondering "How the hell does that thing works". It feels good when I can see life through this window... (more)

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Once Upon A Time

By Scorpion Sting, published on May 28, 2013

.............. in a not too distant past I had a life of which I haven't shared ever before. Of course, there are people who know bits and pieces of this story but I'm the only person alive who knows the actual story as it actually happened. Some may call this story a confession of sorts, some may shake their heads in disbelief, but in the end maybe you can realize that there was a time in my life when these were considered the best days in my life. Be sure to follow close as there are a few twists and turns that if you aren't paying attention you just might get lost. So, are we ready? If so,... (more)

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By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jun 6, 2012


Transformation is part of lifeStanding quietly with us Beckoning and callingArriving softly at my back door Wanting my embraced acknowledgement Adaptation moving inside and outConclusions and conceptionsThe old and the newGently letting go of pastLearning and unlearningMaking space to welcome The stepping into the futureIt feels strange indeedThe old has made meWhat I am todayThe new will shape meInto all I will be tomorrowAn inexperienced goodbyeTo simple things takenFor granted in knowingMoments of togethernessBecoming special todayAs I carry them forwardIn the corner of my... (more)

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Ghosts of Christmas Past: You Can't Go Home Again

By Sylvia Smith, published on Dec 18, 2011

Funny how, as much as things change, they ultimately remain the same.

The holidays conjure fever dreams of holidays past, stirring reminders of how we became who we are right now.

One day last week, lost in a really nice bottle of Chardonnay, I contemplated out loud with friends how, from the very first days of my youth, the handprints of my earliest decisions have continued to remain visible on all of my decisions to this very day - all of the good, and all of the bad.

Do we ever escape which way we decided to turn when we stood on our very first corner? Consider this,... (more)

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The Republic Born Anew

By Caballero_69, published on Jul 2, 2011


Does the radiant dream of the inception remain genuinely alive?

Or is it more akin to the ashes and the dust

To the strongest iron of mighty ships now, sadly gone to rust?

By clamorous fools and uncouth fears, we stand too much divided.

The fondest hopes of ages past too oft abandoned and derided.

The power grabbers and moneychangers have pushed us to the brink.

Why can’t we, the People, see we must soon and surely stop to think?

Do we understand the heroes of the past are gone? Thus, it is now our time.

Can we yet see the... (more)

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Smile for a change

By SZU, published on May 20, 2011

Dig for the reasons

and smile for a change.

Dance and feel the breeze,

to help forget the pain.

It seems like a gruesome task,

it's not impossible to achieve.

Think of that spring you once lived,

before you drowned in this grief..

Need NOT despair

if you've been crushed.

Rewind your memory,

to the times when you were a bud.

Think of all those people

and light up your face.

For bringing back those dreams,

will refresh your days.


Tags: past, sorrow, dance, spring, smile

I will write tonight

By SZU, published on May 17, 2011

I will write tonight...

For the sake of my assuaging heart.

So what if I haven't felt sad for a while?

So what if my heart is no longer fragile?

So what if now I wear a smile?

So what if I've crossed a thousand miles...

from that pain that had killed me inside out,

from that disbelief that left incessant doubts.My words can be my partner

on my way to joy,

if then I was destined to sorrow

now I've a right to enjoy.

He should never know he changed me,

And that's my plan of ploy.


Tags: writing, love, pain, heart, past, joy, relationship, hope.

the past follows you

By taking off the mask, published on Nov 28, 2009

theres a pain deep inside. although it trys to hide, its still stuck in your mind. if you see it, close your eyes, its something you would rather not find. it is so alive, but you want it to die, but it stays there on the side. it hunts you down, everytime bringing a frown. its like the color brown; a bunch of colors mixed together but its to late to fix, its all part of its fate. its served on a plate, and no matter how much you hate it, its still there. you try to throw it away, but it wont slip off the plate. you have no choise but to eat it, to deal with it. you feel it slime inside of you.... (more)

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