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What Do You Think Matters ?

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Oct 2, 2013

What do you think matters? If your not sure, then it's time to rediscover what is important in your life. Another words, what fuels your passion.

To discover this try to simplify your life. Stop doing things merely out of habit.

Turn off the TV for a while, or turn off the radio in the car, see where your own mind takes you.

And if you find yourself saying "Oh I love that", or "this is so much fun" pay attention.

This is leading you to your passion.

Try to get comfortable with actually doing what you love.

As you find what you enjoy doing,... (more)

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Ending Relationships with Care

By Randy Mitchell, published on Jul 8, 2013

In every relationship, no matter how many times you say "I Love You," how often the chemistry ignites while on the dance floor or in the bedroom, or how much you desire continuing into eternal bliss, one person always feels stronger for the other. Sometimes though, when a break-up is imminent, the balance of affection is so heavily tipped in the other person's corner you feel hesitant to let them go because of an unwillingness to hurt their feelings or even leaving yourself alone. However, doing them the favor by permanently saying "goodbye" is the most honorable thing to do, both for... (more)

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Let The Lovers Be

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Feb 11, 2013

Let me spread this blanket

Beneath this dream

Come lay beside me

A gentleness and smile

Blooms inside my wanting heart...

Love is the beloved

Water of life ,creating

Unending thirst's craving

A consuming hunger undeniable

The snow bringing me closer to your lips...

With the sweet glance of love

Like alchemy I am transformed

Searching for you in a thousand thoughts

An earnest prayer offered to the universe

Manifested inside the window of our hearts...

Let the lovers play with glee

Be... (more)

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The Birth Of Passion

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Dec 26, 2012

...we kissed


Tender chivalrous graciousness

Surrendering of our hearts Merging splendrous magnificence


Giving soul the touch

Of heaven's birthright

An unaltered state

Of pureness and sacred gifts

Sealed like a treasured love letter

Hidden cherished abundance

Every secret revealed

Kissed with the beauty of truth

Knowing in that moment

Forever will never expire

It lives on eternally

Blessing us both

With undeserved grace

The birth of divine passion...


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Conquer the Heart with the Surrender of One Kiss

By HomeRearedChef, published on Dec 19, 2012

An anonymous writer once said that “a kiss is something you cannot give without taking and cannot take without giving,” but I also believe that a first kiss can make or break a would-be relationship. And a picture does indeed say a thousand unspoken words; some of the best [now-famous] kisses in the last century have been captured on camera and on canvas:

Le Baiser de Hotel de Ville, Paris, by Robert Doesneau (1950)

V-J Day in Times Square, by Alfred Eisenstaedt (1945)

Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr, in From Here to Eternity (1953)

The Kiss, by Gustav Klimt (1907)

... (more)

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Is It Love or Infatuation?

By Randy Mitchell, published on Jul 11, 2012

The question above is one we’ve all asked ourselves while making that occasional, sizzling eye contact. And it’s also the oldest both men and women have contemplated every time their heart skips that irreversible beat. God made us equipped to love another, to share that certain bond we feel with no one else. But is it love we have while stroking the others hand, or simply an infatuation, a physical response that goes no further than living in the moment when it happens?

Let’s start with some definitions:

Love is a strong feeling for another which lasts through time, and... (more)

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To Kiss With Love

By Uttam Gill, published on Jun 14, 2012

...awful when girl of my equal age asked me to close eyes and open my mouth…I never knew then what is coming instead I was forcibly kissed and that left me stunned…Not knowing of what is happening then. First time experience was awful. However with the passage of time I graduated gradually to passionate kissing and that and I understood the power of kiss.

An amazing experience...nothing is as fulfilling as kissing...using your tongue to caress the tongue of your girl ... (In my case woman) when it intensifies it becomes more passionate. Touching your partner while kissing is... (more)

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Behind every good man there is a good woman

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 7, 2012

... not the real reason.

When you have a person within your life that works over the problems. Or is it the talking to another person that cares that the interaction helps solve the problem in the normal conversation.

You will find many people that are successful will enjoy work to a passion this actually helps as they enjoy the work environment allowing more to be done, when you think you can, you can actually get further ahead. So where is this passion is that a part of being successful or is it a part of the mind that unlocks the door to the solution.

That's why we fly... (more)

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Let My Hearts' Song Be Gods' Breath

By Barbara MacDonald , published on May 30, 2012

Let My Hearts' Song Be Gods' Breath

They say that God rests in reason...

That God moves in passion...

Your soul being the battleground...

Bring me sweet unity I pray...

Let not my mind rule my heart...

Gift me with the instinct and grace...

To discern false temptations...

To unite my justification...

With dedication flowing from

A heart filled with truth and devotion...

Let us meet and embrace in the clouds...

Lifted in elegance and ardor beyond

Earthly adobe and transplanted bewilderment...

Bring... (more)

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They reject the shibboleth of hypocritical world.

By Uttam Gill, published on Apr 28, 2012 the truth of their heart and belief. They create life to rejoice and they don’t pretend. The exploratory mode unseats the dejection and thrill takes over; from there journey begins and they enjoy.

Living and experiencing the unbridled openness invites communication of great passion. Passion generates creativity and the empowering passion drafts a resolution of beautiful world.They make life beautiful. The consenting explorers unwind the restrictions and bequeathed their will to the most sacred thing in life that is love . They reject the shibboleth of hypocritical... (more)

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