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Reporting Crime is not a crime

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jul 10, 2012


You may see something that is not correct or within the law. You watch, you document and you notify the authorities.

What I have found by having it in the written form and now with the electronic computer age you can email people from the police, to council, to members of parliament, then State and Federal, you can then email many of the organisations that watch out for corruption.

By having it in the written format you have some trace, some acknowledgement that you have notified people and who. As it appears where the high level of corruption is noted that many... (more)

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Fondue Frolics

By Anastasia , published on Jan 10, 2012

... skiing was good, the company was good and New Year was wild!

Actually, it’s not really the skiing I want to talk about; it’s something else altogether, a storm in a fondue. We spent one day at the nearby resort of Val Thorens. It was here that Aidan Burley, a Conservative Member of Parliament, attended a Nazi-themed stag party last month in the excellent ( I know: I've been!) Restaurant La Fondue in the centre of town. One of the party, addressed by the rest as Himmler, wore a black SS uniform, which it turns out was hired by Burley himself. Various toasts were drunk to the... (more)

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