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Why Hate Paris?

By Chris Jones, published on Jun 4, 2007

Has Paris Hilton affected your life in any way? Has Paris Hilton caused physical or emotional harm to you? Could it be that she is at fault for global warming or possibly the war in Iraq? Surely she’s responsible for Katie Couric’s low ratings or the VA Tech massacre. She would have to be at fault for one of these things or at least something to warrant the kind of hatred aimed at her in recent weeks. Every single television program from the early morning to late night has called her a “horrible person” and expressed the hope that in addition to serving a full jail sentence that she also... (more)

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Is going to jail a fashion statement for celebrities?

By Lakwyia, published on Jun 3, 2007

Every now and then we may see a celebrity on television who has gotten into trouble and it always comes to mind if they are getting just what they deserve if the alternatives lead to jail time. For instance, what about Paris Hilton? Even though she will be going to jail soon, it seems to be not a big deal. Personally she is taking this pretty well as if she is going off on a vacation to the islands or something. What are these celebrities thinking? Do they believe that going to jail is a fashion statement for them? It shouldn't be. Celebrities should be treated like the regular people in this... (more)

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You Guys! Lohan and Duff Are Friends Again!

By Michael R. Gauthier, published on May 31, 2007 much. Maybe many of you don't care- bravo! But for those that do, stop fixating on the menial lives of people you don't know and start working on your own. I'm tired of the lives of people that don't really matter getting in the way of my own. I'm insulted that more people know who Paris Hilton is than know the work or Joan Allen. History teaches me lessons of the past so that I may learn for the future, science opens the doors of progress so that as a people we may advance, mathematics helps me keep my grocery bill down. These basics, these core ideas that my parents and... (more)

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When Harry Could've Met Paris

By GreatMinds, published on May 17, 2007

The British army has decided not to send Prince Harry to the Iraqi war after all; specific threats against him by terrorists in Iraq were deemed to put the prince and his fellow soldiers at undue risk of harm. Paris Hilton should hire Chief of the General Staff of the British Army, General Sir Richard Dannatt as her lead counsel in her effort to avoid being sent to a Los Angeles jail. He pulled the rug on Harry's trip to Baghdad. The editor of Sky News described Dannatt's reasoning as fears that Prince Harry would be a "magnet for jihadists". As if Paris would not be a magnet for some... (more)

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Someone Please Stop the Ride Pimping!!!

By Shawn Norris, published on Apr 18, 2007

...for my car to come back with 3 strippers, a pole on top of the car for them to dance on, a wet bar in the trunk complete with a fully stocked bar and a copy of "A Brief History of Time" for when I want to talk theoretical physics before me and the girls go out for the night. Oh and also Paris Hilton in the back seat drinking her ass off and ready to party all night. Hell, she'll probably get more use out of the pole than the actual strippers. Do not like: Any color outside the basic 8 color Crayola crayon pack. That means no Outrageous Orange, Pimping Peach with a flame matrix and ... (more)

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Why Batman is THE Man

By Ed Attanasio, published on Apr 7, 2007

...surpass Batman. 1.) Batman really does't have any super powers and isn't invincible. Hes a real human being like you and me. I mean, Superman (who is an alien, by the way) can do just about anything he wants to, unless of course you have some kryptonite, which is about as easy to get as Paris Hilton’s phone number. (bad example) 2.) Batman has an intriguing dark side. "The Dark Knight" comics of recent years have brought out this side of Batman a little more. Having a mysterious, unknown personality makes him more interesting. Superman is about as interesting as a Dr. Phil... (more)

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Child Stars to be Played by Dwarves Say Hwd. Execs.

By Limoge, published on Feb 18, 2007 their portrayal of today’s youth but we are willing to sacrifice believability in order to spare anymore future generations of child stars the pain and embarrassment of having their private parts splashed across every newspaper and television in the world. And in their defense, just look at how well their portrayals of the beloved Munchkins in “The Wizard of Oz” has held up all these many years. We also understand that watching middle aged dwarves having sex is not very appetizing. That is why we have decided to allow Paris Hilton to continue portraying herself. (more)

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Paris Hilton Exposed?

By Matt Hilton, published on Jan 27, 2007

...bath, jewelry, furniture, clothing, diaries, credit card bills, emails, medical records, bank statements, photos, letters written by Hilton talking about on-again pal Nicole Richie and sister Nicky, a love note from former boy-toy Nick Carter and a selection of "never before seen sex videos." If these letter's talking about Nicole Richie really do exist, could their feud be reheated? Is this a whole new chapter of trouble for Paris Hilton? Hilton's rep, Elliot Mintz, told the Associated Press Tuesday they are certainly "going to explore all of 'their' legal options about this matter."


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I Thought I Was Watching the News This Morning.......

By Soulglo, published on Jan 25, 2007

Every morning before work I switch on the news for a few minutes. I am fully aware that I should not expect to receive too much information pertinent to my life, but it seems that the industry is getting more and more ridiculous. Many mornings I have awoken to hear the latest news about Paris Hilton’s DUI or Lindsay’s rehab; Anna Nicole’s farcical behavior, the Olsen twins lack of body fat. Enough is enough my friends. Why are we not hearing more about our soldiers who are being killed and maimed, why aren’t we hearing about the ongoing genocide in the Sudan? Why aren’t we hearing... (more)

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No More Music From Paris Hilton

By Matt Hilton, published on Dec 26, 2006

British Media reports have stated that Paris Hilton's music career is over. Hilton, 25, released her debut album earlier this year. Although it was loved by many, it didn't do well on the charts. A source commented, "You don't need to worry about listening to any more music from Paris - there won't be any. Her career as a singer is going to be allowed to quietly go away." (more)

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