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Why NOT hate Nicole?

By Chris Jones, published on Jul 27, 2007

I took a fair amount of criticism for my last article about Paris Hilton called "Why Hate Paris?" In it I stated that all the outrage over her perceived "special treatment" was fueled by nothing more than jealousy and envy. The sentencing of Nicole Richie this afternoon for her second DUI gives even more credibility to my conclusions about the Paris Hilton case. Nicole Richie was in court today over her second DUI in less than four years and driving on a suspended license. It was for the latest DUI that Ms. Richie was found to be driving with her license suspended on the wrong side of the freeway... (more)

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Reporter Applauded For Not Reporting Paris Hilton

By Sheena B, published on Jul 9, 2007

In recent weeks, when people tuned into the local news, one of the top stories that seemed to repeatedly surfaced was the fateful days of Paris Hilton in jail. Audience across the viewing area had to stomached breaking news stories about Paris being hauled off to jail, being released from jail, and then being whisked away to jail again. Some people wondered "when will it end," while others pondered "how is this news?" While serious stories that actually need to be broadcasted are pushed to the side for the debutante latest escapades, one reporter decided that enough is enough and lit a fire... (more)

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The All-Star Game, a Mid-Summer Tear Jerker

By dsnyder, published on Jul 4, 2007

...Idol between innings. Perhaps we could drop the teams on a deserted island, and they would have to use their strength and wits to get off. The team that survived would get home-field for the World Series. A Bud Selig, Barry Bonds cage match before the game. A timely idea would be to have Paris Hilton throw out the opening pitch. Really any attempt to make the game more popular in today’s market would spark the uproar of the sports writers and fans that were originally in an uproar about the lack of ratings. Basically, it would give them something else to whimper about. The... (more)

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Britney - To Make New Album

By Gad@er, published on Jun 25, 2007

...the money and fame, theese days Britney has had alot of bad screw ups dew to bad desisions, partying and attitude. She married during her time gone to a back-dancer Kevin Federline, which she devorced in 06. She also gave birth to 2 boys. Also Earlier this year she partied with heiress Paris Hilton and shaved her hair off on naitinol TV. Soon after, she went to a rehab clinic! Now though 2007, apparently Britney's changing her ways. Putting the past behind her, Britney has started on her unnamed album. Surpossed to realised this Summer turns to next year 08. The album has a... (more)

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Party Time At The Playboy Jazz Festival

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Jun 20, 2007

Festival Productions organizers of the 29th Annual Playboy Jazz Festival (presented by L.A. Philharmonic Association) were fortunate enough to have a distraction free Fathers Day weekend June 16-17, 2007. The NBA Finals was finished two days before the festival. Paris Hilton was resting comfortably in her jail cell. The weather was pleasantly warm with a Caribbean breeze hovering over the Historic Hollywood Bowl for this year’s highly anticipated jazz festival of the summer. The festival got under way with the Eagle Rock High School Jazz Ensemble under the direction of Greg Samuel. The band... (more)

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Mike Nifong And Prosecutors Gone Wild

By Chris Jones, published on Jun 18, 2007

...politics to be involved in there decision making. Its impossible for politics not to play a role in legal matters when the public can take your job from you if they don't like a decision by simply not re-electing you. Most recently politics reared its ugly head in the court room during the Paris Hilton case. The judge wanted to "make an example" out of Paris and look like some kind of sick hero to the community. So he gave her jail time and way more jail time than anyone else convicted of her crime. That is a fact look it up. Then the political firestorm that erupted after Hilton's early... (more)

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For Hire: Former LA County Sherriff turned Publicist.

By dustinbailey, published on Jun 9, 2007

I'm not talking about a communicable disease. I'm talking about a publicist; And Paris Hilton just hit the motherload. There are thousands of publicists in Los Angeles. Each one of them moving and shaking, manipulating the pages of gossip magazines all over the world for the sake of their celebrity clients. Need to go to rehab? Linday Lohan's girl Leslie Sloane Zelnick will get you thirty days at Promises and a pity-party on MSNBC. Want to be seen with someone to boost public awareness? Kathy Griffin's people can get you and Nick Carter on the cover of US Weekly. But if you need to... (more)

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Money Talk$ and Pari$ Walk$

By D. E. Carson, published on Jun 9, 2007

Memo to Paris Hilton: next time, have your best friend Nicole drive you around Los Angeles for hours on end in a slow-speed chase with every member of the Los Angeles city and county constabulary on your heels. Make sure to be carrying a small firearm and keep it pressed to your head to keep anyone from trying to stop you, and above all else, never, ever... Yes? No, I didn't. She did? Are you kidding me? I'll keep that in mind. Bye. Paris is back in jail. This time at the Twin Towers facility in Los Angeles and not the "Club Fed" facility in Lynwood. She is to undergo medical evaluation... (more)

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Put Miss Hilton In, Take Miss Hilton Out, Put Miss Hilton In

By D. E. Carson, published on Jun 8, 2007

Unbelievable. That is the only word that can be used to describe what has happened in Lynwood. Less than four days after “checking in” to the “iron-bar Hilton” in Lynwood, Paris Hilton is back home, albeit with a new piece of jewelry – a radio monitoring bracelet on her ankle. But that’s not what Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer said. Judge Sauer specifically ordered Hilton, 26, to spend 45 days in the Los Angeles County Jail for violating probation by driving on a suspended license. Sauer was not at all happy about his order being violated with such apparent... (more)

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Stop Crying About "Unequal Justice"

By Chris Jones, published on Jun 7, 2007

Everybody needs to stop whining about unequal justice for Paris Hilton. Take a few minutes to study the laws in Los Angeles and look at past cases before you get too shrill. Being sentenced to 45 days in jail for violating probation on a reckless driving charge is unheard of. Paris didn't get special treatment she got hosed by a Judge who was trying to make a name for himself. I am willing to bet that when the Phil Spector trial concludes and if he's found not guilty of murder, you won't see a fraction of the outrage that has been expressed over Paris Hilton. The claim continues to be made by... (more)

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