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The Rescue Mission

By Jedo Kingsman, published on Mar 19, 2014

...became prideful and organized a failed mutiny against God (along with 1/3 of his 'hive mind angels'). Stripped of their glory they mutated, and, it is believed in esoteric circles, that these interdimensional beings became the ancient (and contemporary) aliens, 'gods' of old (small 'g'), 'paranormal phenomena', and demons. The crown of God's creation, however was mankind. Made in God's image, the first humans (Adam and Eve) were also a three part beings, consisting of a body, soul and the holy spirit that he received from God. Given fully autonomous free will, when man still chose to... (more)

Tags: angels, god, heaven, paranormal, aliens, demons, rescue, satan, jesus christ, savior, rescue mission, lucifer, deliverer, rescuer

Interview with Author Beverly Stowe McClure.

By ccmalandrinos, published on Oct 15, 2013

... couse. Which one? With the pirate character and a blockade runner (the young man in the lighthouse informed me who he was later) living in the light house, my story A Pirate, a Blockade Runner and a Cat was born.

Have you always written in this genre?

This is my second paranormal story, and I love the genre. I also write other types of stories, such as historical fiction and contemporary coming of age.

What do you like about this genre?

Paranormal characters are fun to write. As long as I stick with certain possibilities and don’t write something... (more)

Tags: tween fiction, paranormal, middle grade fiction, museitup publishing, ghost stories, beverly stowe mcclure, a pirate a blockade runner and a cat

Penny Childs is the author of There's Always Tomorrow

By Wrp68, published on Apr 15, 2012

Penny Child has published six novels of paranormal suspense and paranormal romance.

There's Always Tomorrow

Mel & Trevor are back! And they are hot on the trail of The Home Wrecker, a serial killer who likes to kill his victims in their own homes, where they feel the most secure.

Mel soon latches on to the killer through a psychic link, but there is one problem; they do not have one shred of evidence which points to the killer. And Mel’s link to him is tenuous. She can only make contact with him when he’s getting ready to kill, too late to save his victims.

A... (more)

Tags: romance, fbi, ebooks, author, paranormal, paranormal suspense, independent author

Madman in the Mirror: a Novel by A.J. Gallant

By Wrp68, published on Dec 4, 2011

Madman in the Mirror

Henry was brought up from an infant to be a serial killer just like his old man, but years later as he discovered that he perhaps wanted to turn away from the dark and into the light, it had become a complicated thing for a shattered mind.

Harold forced Henry to observe the act of murder in the mirror before he could even walk. He saw terrible things in that mirror, and now in fact the man in the mirror talks to him. He was never shown affection of any kind and driven insane at a young age. Henry has a difficult time forming relationships with anyone, especially... (more)

Tags: humor, romance, murder, paranormal, demons, ebook, afterlife, madman in the mirror

Book review: Farsighted - Emlyn Chand

By Donna Brown, published on Nov 24, 2011

...not be so bad after all.

Review: Cards on table time (I hope I don’t live to regret this!): when Emlyn sent out an email asking for reviewers for her upcoming title, Farsighted, I felt quite conflicted. Emlyn has a BIG heart and I really wanted to review her book. But psychics? Paranormal? Let’s just say, that’s not my bag when it comes to books (even though I love tarot cards, runes etc! Go figure…). Emlyn’s a reasonable person, though, and I knew as long as I gave it an honest and fair shot, she’d appreciate my feedback even if it proved not to be my thing. So... (more)

Tags: book review, paranormal, farsighted, emlyn chand

The Benefits of Writer's Conferences by James Boyle

By Novel Noise, published on Jul 12, 2010

I became a believer in Writer's Conferences about five years ago. Oh, I'd been to one before, but hadn't been terribly impressed. Then my mother talked me into giving this local one a try. It was held in my current hometown, here on the Oregon coast and was much smaller than the one I'd been to up in Portland. Would it be too much of a stretch to say it changed my life? I will say I've gone back every year since and for the past five years been one of the volunteer organizers.

So why should you, a writer spend your hard earned money on traveling to and attending a writer's conference?... (more)

Tags: paranormal, james boyle, ni'il the awakening, supernatural, suspense, thriller

Sky Mystery Needs Illumination

By Alethea, published on Feb 5, 2010

In the early morning hours of February the 4th, Ben Gonzalez and his girlfriend were shocked to find a blinding white light outside their bedroom window at their home in Chatsworth.

"I was almost asleep, when I felt her clench up tight...right as I begin to hear this sound, that at first I thought could be a car, it grew steadily louder (nothing LOUD per se... more of a gradually-building hum). I look toward the window myself and notice the entire sky through the blinds is flashing and glowing whitish-bluish-orange. All the while, this bizarre, almost electrical hum is modulating in... (more)

Tags: paranormal, mystery, bright light, san fernando valley, chatsworth, west hills, ufo

Black Eyed Children

By Alethea, published on Oct 31, 2006

...Inhuman. These terms have been used to describe the instinctual feelings upon conversing with these beings. What makes this even stranger, is that the black-eyed children are usually asking for a ride, help, or to be invited into a house. Vampiresque, right? According to an article on, a lady named Adele heard a slow knocking on her window at 11pm. She looked out to see what it was and there stood two young children (approximately 9 yrs old) with entirely black eyes. They asked to be let in and when she inquired for what, they said to use the bathroom. After... (more)

Tags: children, ghost, men in black, paranormal, alien, demon, scary, bek, black eyed children, black eyes

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