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Stunning Pastels by Javad Soleimanpour

By melanie jean juneau, published on Jul 28, 2013 competition in the Landscape and Interior Category, that critics, galleries and buyers started to take notice. Ironically, Javad had no idea that one of his students had entered his work for the competition.

Javad Soleimanpour, Iran

Soleimanpour is self-taught, painting since the age of 12 and painting professionally for quarter of a century.

I will let Soleimanpour speak for himself:

“Since my childhood I only wanted to paint, and nothing else. I have painted the people and things I liked. The people always had things to tell but they never ... (more)

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Red Desert Dreaming - modern times, ancient magic.

By iancochrane, published on Mar 19, 2013

... anyone climbs 30m vertical walls. “Yes bro; those blackfellas are just kids, and some, they die. There are many sharks here; stingers and salties.” He extends both arms out to his sides. I get the picture; the saltwater crocodiles are giants. Maurice’s eyes return to his people’s faded paintings and I wonder how long this Dreaming can last.

To get here we’ve left Broome 2-days earlier – my girlfriend and I – on a chartered baronial twin-masted ketch with dark, wood-panelled cabins; accompanied by visiting whales, side-winding sea snakes and curious green and brown... (more)

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Talin's Wish.....a little sick boy in Australia.

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 24, 2012

We can only imagine the pain that the family is having seeing a sick boy infront of them. Then they have put together a terrific and amazing way to raise funds for cancer awareness and for the families that are affected. The images you will see paintings that Talin has made for his audience within Australia. However it is great to have the audience grow with world wide attention.

A little boy before his 6th birthday was diagnosed with a brain tumour, it is in God's hands now. He paints, Talin seems to paint the most amazing pictures with a love for helping others. These paintings... (more)

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Midsummer Dreaming

By Anastasia , published on Jun 21, 2012

... on the top of Bald Mountain, considering them to be the most powerful on Earth.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is by far my favourite Shakespearean comedy, light of touch and light of heart, rich in all sorts of magic, a world of fairy visions. And it just so happens that one of favourite paintings touches on the very same themes. It’s The Fairy Raid: Carrying off a Changeling on Midsummer’s Eve by Joseph Noel Paton, a nineteenth century Scottish artist who painted in the Pre-Raphaelite style. He is better known for The Quarrel of Oberon and Titania but for me The Fairy Raid is... (more)

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Meditations on a Blue Room and a Blank Canvas

By Notumbus Bumbus, published on Nov 19, 2011

... too, the first choice limits the second choice, which in turn limits each following choice.

It seems to beg the question: is art only the sum of all choices made? Or is the art not in the result at all, but in the first two choices made to bring it into the world? I look at Van Gogh’s painting of the bedroom he slept in in Arles, those blue walls, and feel their power so directly I cannot help but feel they were his first choice. They surrounded him, held his pain in check, perhaps only for a short while, and that was enough to guide his palette.

And that bed! Like an orange... (more)

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