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Fibromyalgia Life – Poem

By Shaun Gibson, published on Jun 9, 2014

Another day of pain in my mind it feels like rain

The strain of pain develops inside me daily

I have nowhere to run and nowhere to turn

I am stuck alone with this demonic pain


I try to show love and be a good man but it’s hard

The pain can turn me the other way, makes me bark

I sometimes ask how I get past each minute with hell

In reality it’s about getting past a day, I don’t know how


My body burns as my mind is tangled with thoughts

The thoughts take me to places I don’t want to go

I have no... (more)

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Lessons Through Pain

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Nov 22, 2013 to my knees

Paralyzed unable to retreat


Weary and exhausted

Unable to move through

LIfe's hideous game

Immersed inside

Tenacious strength

Holding fast surrendering

I quite myself

Breath in this numbing pain

Inhaling unrelenting

Merciless, unyielding

Unwavering affliction


My advisory serving

A course in humility

A branded offering

Through the sweat

Tears flowing freely

Heavy breathing gifts

Placed freely at my... (more)

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The invisible person in my house poem

By Shaun Gibson, published on Nov 7, 2013

2nd proper poem ever here, go easy on me!

Uninvited, it comes and goes as it pleases

It comments to everyone in my house

We all have been changed by it in some way

But nobody invited it

It makes decisions none of us like, we hate it

We face it every day; we deal with it every day

It decides what we eat and where we go any day

But nobody invited it

It starts arguments and causes friction with us

It comes into our home and rules the manor

It laughs at us as we do what it tells us to do

But nobody invited... (more)

Tags: poem, poetry, pain, dictating, invisible ruler, the invisible person in my house poem

Breath (Prose)

By JennyT, published on Oct 4, 2013 far away traffic bad, anxious, panting, blowing air can't wait, it's now, it's coming now the car not quite a manger but ~ matters how?

toiling hard under summer sun no doctors on this round she squats and helps deliver her new son upon the ground

by an empty lane alone she grabs her tummy, pain is real, she's scared she's young, as water pools around her feet crouches screaming till her baby breathes

so with every breath you take try not to use it too complain for breath AS LIFE ~ A PRECIOUS thing a commodity we shouldn't waste

©jmtacken October 3 2013


Tags: love, death, life, pain, happiness, living, sadness, breath, breathe, making each day count

Coming through the other end when told your life is gone

By Shaun Gibson, published on Aug 30, 2013

People often ask me what is it like to have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain syndrome, I can't find words, the closest I can come with an answer about the pain is "All over body toothache" pain, and the picture above doesn't really give the pain justice.

I just turned 40 years old, I never get ill, as in colds or the flu, ever, I can't remember being ill, as, in bed ill, just never happens. The pain came one day when I was around 20 years old, I was playing football (Soccer to the people from the USA) and I got tackled by two people at the same time, I felt the pain right away,... (more)

Tags: pain, memories, my story, living, life story, not giving in, standing up to life, demanding, clawing at life


By Shaun Gibson, published on Aug 3, 2013

The pain is like all over body toothache

I ask for God for him to come and take

It burns me bad and leaves me crying

Some days I just feel like quickly dying

I was told this pain is what people feel about to fly

Poor people feel when they in hospital about to die

I can only say it cuts me bad and makes me mad

This is why I spend a fortune on my swanky Pad

When I can’t sleep and the pain is burning bad

I always have things to do that keep me being sad

But they are only gadgets spent with crooked money

Sometimes alone... (more)

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A Prayer For All The Innocent Suffering

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jul 8, 2013


To look at....?

I have never been able to close my eyes to those in need. I pray I never do. Yes, at times I have cursed and wondered the purpose of being blessed with seeing what is not on the surface. That somehow, my vision needs to go deeper. Why do I read such pain in eyes I do not know? What am I being directed to see?

Years ago, I realized that through my own pains and traumas, I was given a gift. The gift being awareness to take that and use it to help raise another's soul.

Oh hungry one

Why are you crying? ... (more)

Tags: life, pain, memories, empathy, vision, path, trauma, prayers

Trouble Comes To Pass, Not To Stay

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Jun 24, 2013

...challenge may be a friend or relative that you see is going astray. Possibly an unexpected change, such as an illness that will force you to make changes in you life. Whatever it may be, it can rock you to your core. Somehow in this chaos you must remember that you will find the strength . As painful or as difficult as it is , you will do what needs to be done, because you really have no other choice. Giving up just is not an option. Give yourself a moment to catch your breath. Let everything that you are feeling or thinking move through your mind and body. If you feel like you will not... (more)

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By randomjo, published on Jun 2, 2013

Another relationship

Another guy

Another set of excuses

Another pack of lies.

Sometimes I wonder why I even try

Why I bother crying

Why I tolerate lying

Why I'm continually dying inside

These days its much harder to hide it.

Why am I trying to avert this certain disaster?

What kind of happily ever after could come of this?


Tags: love, pain, lies, hurt, crying, drama, heartache, breakups, love yourself, over it, bad romance, bye bye

11 Things Observed In The Betrayal Of My Friend

By D. Sager, published on Jan 7, 2013


Observing these things operating occasionally in my relationships is normal. However, if I see a few things happening all the time, and especially if I make excuses for the violation of these principles, it is cause for great concern. Be wise my friends...

My friend will inflict pain on me, hitting me with violence enough to hurt or by insulting me. They may or may not apologize and excuse the behavior by saying it was only a joke or they were drunk. My soul knows the feeling that something is wrong, I must pay attention to the physical interactions of my friends. Don't... (more)

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