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Navigating A Path Towards The Future

By jonpercepto, published on Nov 5, 2011

...and balance needed for stability as the movement towards the future proceeds.

Seeing a situation coming a few milliseconds before it happens helps when an insight is sought to make sense of what is approaching. Usually, it follows a pattern of behavior that suggests missed opportunities.

When a conscious choice is made to act differently, the only impediment is hesitation when gut instinct expresses itself in an undefinable way and then is ignored. The moment to act passes, and it is too late.

The hope is that practice and experience will speed up... (more)

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Ready To Turn Up 'The Broo?'

By BusinessLife, published on Nov 5, 2010

...and as a blogger, writer and reader.


List the best features, qualities and assets that keep you and your friends coming back to Broo.


List what you see as a weakness or something that stands in the way of Broo becoming more successful.


Write down what you consider as an opportunity to help grow readership for The Broo and its writers. Include things that are a part of Broo today but could be used in a more effective way or things you consider strengths found on similar sites (Broo's competition).

... (more)

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