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Earning Online Without Investment !

By chrisezine, published on Mar 21, 2014

The first question that comes in mind whenever you start thinking to making money online is that how much investment is required to get started with it? The answer might surprise you! The fact is that it is not necessary to put money in order to make it! Yes, you can indeed earn online without making any monetary investment! There are many ways to earn online and most of them do not require any monetary investment. However, they do require you to be sincere in your efforts. Here is how you can earn online without spending a penny:

1. Become a member of business forums and be active there.... (more)

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How Power Placements Help Boost your Business

By Carolyn, published on Feb 20, 2014

Virtual shopping or what is often referred to as shopping online is more of a need and necessity these days than it is an option. Shopping without having to leave the house, spare extra time after work to drive downtown or walk through the entire store to find run errands is a true luxury more and more people are enjoying these days. In this day and age, businesses and corporations have extended business through the internet to make them more reachable in addition to optimizing their outreach. Marketing online is the key to making this happen. Have a skilled and experienced team provide this... (more)

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Giving it away for free. Why?

By Shane Joseph, published on May 11, 2012

...has to self-publish his book and give away the e-book version for free. Some say that you have to give away three free for every one sold at $0.99. That is less than 25 cents per copy. How long will that take before you amass the minimum required to receive your first royalty check from the online retailers who are notoriously lax at paying? Perhaps many fall by the way before accumulating that minimum, to the benefit of the online retailer. And why do we have to do this? Where is the value exchange? Where is the token of respect for all the hours socked away into learning the craft and... (more)

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The Age of Opinion

By Shane Joseph, published on Apr 15, 2012

...on the employment field, “If you want a job with us, we wanna know all about you before you even step in for an interview. Oh, and if we don’t like what you’ve posted in cyberspace, don’t be surprised if we suddenly cancel that interview on you. Forget resumes and references, just your online persona will give us clues on whether you will be a fit with us.” It was as if job ads had a subliminal qualifier: “Strong silent types need not apply.” Thus, after all this information was uploaded, there was only one step left: gravitate towards being a full-fledged Online Opinionator.... (more)

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Firewall to a Farewell

By p.d.adams, published on Mar 29, 2012

...past served the dropping of the handkerchief. There would be no hope of a hoisting of anchors for a departure, not now. (There could have been no escape from whatever the day had brought, even with their unmatched weapons of choice)

They came in a distant second, it seems, with [digital online ultraviolet birthing technology="doubt"], passing monster slumbers of treeless roots, and then, believing in the ghosts of a damned amnesty.

The stinky, the aging, must have deemed this an advanced position, and now, a biobot advances, alone, with her own brand of beauty, herbal... (more)

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shrtn lets consumers earn money while sharing links

By BusinessLife, published on Dec 9, 2010

...shrtn has a simple interface that lets users enter long URLs, which are then shortened to something like (linking, in this case, to Steven Johnson's Where Good Ideas Come From). The big difference with other services is that shrtn has signed up with over a hundred online merchants, and adds affiliate identifiers to their URLs. Every time an item is purchased through a registered user's shortened link, shrtn receives a commission and passes part of that on to the user.

So if someone short-links to their favorite perfume on, and one of their ... (more)

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