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Obamacare ~ just 858,000 newly insured Americans have paid u

By Shaun Gibson, published on Apr 4, 2014

...shots at Republicans, but ignored shortcomings in his administration’s official numbers Press secretary Jay Carney will only say ‘we’re aggregating a lot of data’ when asked how many enrollees have paid for coverage Carney dodged questions about damning study that showed very few Obamacare customers were uninsured before the law took effect Percentages from a hush-hush RAND Corporation study suggest barely 858,000 previously uninsured Americans have enrolled and paid premiums HHS Secretary Sebelius met a televised challenge Monday about ‘unpopular’ Obamacare with lengthy... (more)

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Obamacare Enrolment Exceeds Seven Million, so Obama says

By Shaun Gibson, published on Apr 3, 2014


Source :SkyNews

President Obama: "Healthcare Not Fixed, But Better"

What you think USA?

According to Obama 7.1 Americans have signed up for Obamacare. Now I know this is a lie, don’t ask me how I know. I know MANY who pay the fine for not having insurance because it is cheaper to do so. America, what do you think about what I type below, direct quotes. I am not saying I believe or trust ok. PLEASE watch this America and you tell me, is he telling the truth or is it all a lie? Because the America I... (more)

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The Affordable Train Wreck

By Randy Mitchell, published on Dec 5, 2013

...merit to the old saying, what comes around, goes around when the elections of 2014 and 2016 finally arrive. Then, and only then, can America try and recover from this horrible charade.

For the past few weeks I’ve watched, both with laughter and great sadness, at how the real truth of Obamacare has taken effect. Right now, millions are losing their insurance due to the unspoken regulations inserted into this law. And millions more will follow suit next year as businesses are forced into canceling employee policies because of increased costs and ridiculous rules. As an example: I’m ... (more)

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ObamaCare…good medicine or bad investment?

By Amo, published on Apr 6, 2012

An unpresented majority of Americans after one year of this bills passing, still believe that ObamaCare, if implemented, will cost jobs, hurt the economy, and cost more than projected.

However, aside from this being a flawed piece of legislation, to many Americans (myself included), ObamaCare is simply unconstitutional. The issue currently in the hands of the Supreme Court, is whether the federal government under the Commerce Clause can mandate and or force either the states or individual citizens into purchasing a product and or a service; they may or may not want.

At stake is... (more)

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Death Panels: Myth or Reality?

By D. E. Carson, published on Dec 27, 2010

As Democrats tried to ram 0bamacare down the throats of Americans, one particular piece of verbiage caught the eyes of several people who opposed it. The idea that doctors who receive Medicare payments for patient services would have been forced to convince critically ill patients to forego aggressive treatments simply because they were too old. In the final bill passed into law earlier this year, this concept was quietly slid under the rug.

Now, according to the New York Times – the most liberal, left-leaning newspaper in the nation – it would seem that 0bama is going to bring back... (more)

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Can GOP Really Repeal 0bamaCare?

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 9, 2010

...of the House of Representatives America will see a swift and decisive return to more practical thinking on Capitol Hill, you better sit down for this one. One of the major themes of the 2010 election was that if the GOP were to regain control of Congress there would be a complete reversal of ObamaCare eliminating it from the books.

The truth is: ain’t gonna happen. At least not right away.

There are very few, if any really honorable or even acceptable parts to the health care bill passed last March. To be blatantly honest, the whole thing was a sham from the word... (more)

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Bernanke Is Blunt About Dangers of the Deficit to the Economy

By JJFCPA, published on Apr 27, 2010

In testimony today before President Obama's 18-member bipartisan debt commission, which is holding its first of many meetings that will take place over seven months, Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, told the members that a credible plan needs to be put in place quickly to control or reduce government spending to get it in line with revenue forecasts. The members heard blunt statements from one of the best connected bureaucrats to the implications of growing Federal budget deficits.

"The path forward contains many difficult tradeoffs and choices, but postponing those choices and failing to... (more)

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