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Blues And Gospel Stars Shined At Blues Festival

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Sep 9, 2009 or major venues as the Long Beach Blues Festival. The crowd was captivated by her delivery on “I’m The Stealer of Your Love,” “I’ve Been This Way Too Long,” and “Change Is Gonna Come” which she had the honor of performing for President Barack Obama.

Monkeypaw and Laurie Morvan Band rocked the Second Stage with some original materials. Laurie Morvan connected with the audience introducing and performing “Skinny Chick” and concluded with “Café Boogaloo.”

Luckily for festival organizers, fire... (more)

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Just Who Is In Trouble Here?

By D. E. Carson, published on Sep 4, 2009

You've probably heard by now that Green Jobs Czar Van Jones has given the Obama Administration another black eye (sorry for the pun). Approximately two months before his nomination to an advisory position within the Obama Administration, Van Jones was addressing a group of students at the University of California - Berkley when a student asked him why it was that Republicans could get things done in the Senate without the 60 vote majority and Democrats couldn't. Jones' response was simply that it was because Republicans "were assholes."Of course, once word of this particular insult to Republicans... (more)

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Hope And Reason, More Patriotic Than Fear And Anger

By Charles Harmison, published on Aug 20, 2009

...the country is in an uproar and, it would appear, is nearly completely polarized over two hugely controversial issues, healthcare reform, and energy reform. It is no wonder as these issues are no small matters in a country with trillions of dollars of industry at stake. One thing is clear Obama sure made well and good on his promises to stir things up a bit. It didn't take very long either when he decided to begin to tackle these dooseys in his first six months. But did he truly know what he was getting into? Is it too much change too quickly? Or is something greater at stake in... (more)

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Dancing With The Stars - Season Nine

By D. E. Carson, published on Aug 18, 2009

...time off to dance away his legal troubles much the same way Nero fiddled as Rome burned.

DeLay’s political career collapsed faster than the housing market and now he’s exploring other aspects of the entertainment industry. If the show is being opened up to politicians, Obama should have pulled a few strings to get Biden on this season. It would have given Biden something to do with his feet besides gnaw on them and given Obama one less thing to worry about, at least, for a while.

Sadly, however, it has also been reported that Samantha Harris will be... (more)

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Early Marriage High Horse, Healthcare Informants, & Not About Philosophy

By FMeekins, published on Aug 10, 2009

...often point out how much America has to learn from non-Western cultures. Perhaps we should start by emulating North Korean policies towards illegal aliens. Instead of lavishing border violators with welfare benefits and the like, we give them harsh prison sentences.

Critics of Obama's healthcare plan should know that they are being watched. The White House is asking Americans to report to them the names of anyone spreading "disinformation" regarding insurance reform proposals. One might point out that, to a liberal, disinformation is anything they disagree with. When this... (more)

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Let Me Be Clear: this Is A Very 'fishy' Article!!

By Amo, published on Aug 6, 2009 tell on your neighbors if they (or I), have the audacity to challenge this President on Healthcare or any other issue that effects “US”.

The sheer arrogance of this administration is simply breathtaking, and there seems to be no bounds on its intrusion, on our way of life…how dare he trample on our constitutional and GOD GIVEN RIGHTS…that of free speech!

For those unfamiliar with what has taken place, the White House has just issued what can best be described as a “warning notice” eerily similar to those that cropped up in Germany in the early 30’s, warning citizens of “scary... (more)

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Mad Dash For Clunkers

By D. E. Carson, published on Jul 31, 2009

...solution is to throw another $2 billion at the program.  Okay, but where are they going to get that extra $2 billion?  According to House Majority leader Steny Hoyer, the money was approved earlier in the year as part of the stimulus package that was crammed through Congress and signed by HRH Obama.An interesting note about the discussions to appropriate more money, Rep. Hoyer said that Republican votes were needed for the additional money and that in order to secure them, a government auditing system was to be put into place to make sure the money was being spent as intended.  Just what ... (more)

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Hey Buddy Can Spare Some Porn? Obama's Nea Stimulus Secret

By Christopher Wager, published on Jul 31, 2009

Questionable spending of NEA funds is nothing new; every administration has had their battles with the right and the different religious groups over what is art. However this time the standing president might have taken it too far. This being one if not the only time the P word has been used to describe supported endowments.

As reported by Fox news .com the National Endowment for the Arts received a staggering $80 million dollars out of the $787 Billion dollar stimulus package to be divided among the different artist groups. Such as jobs in museums, orchestras,... (more)

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Jackson Clones, Radical Profs, & Eldercide

By FMeekins, published on Jul 29, 2009

Barack Obama has taken on the role of chief booze peddler. Hoping to smooth over the controversy that has erupted over the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, the President has invited the professor and the arresting office to the White House for a beer. Given the professor's temper, is it really a good idea to get him all liquored up?Henry Louis Gates is hardly the harmless professor the media is making him out to be. Frankly, Gates is to the Ivy League what Jeremiah Wright is to ecclesiastical circles.At Harvard, Gates is the director of the W.E.B Du Bois Institute for African & African American... (more)

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Just Who Is The Stupid One?

By D. E. Carson, published on Jul 25, 2009

When a person behaves in a fashion that is unacceptable in public, they deserve to go to jail.  That is what Henry Louis Gates, Jr., did and he got publicly bitch-slapped for it.  He deserved every single minute of his arrest and incarceration for acting like a stupid idiot with a chip on his shoulder.On Thursday, July 16, police acted on a tip from Cabridge resident Lucia Whalen that two black men were attempting to break into the house of her neighbor.  The neighbor happened to be Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr.  When police arrived, Sergeant James Crowley notified Mr. Gates that... (more)

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