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By dchaitanya, published on May 12, 2012

The idea and thought of Gay Marriage is not only unnatural, abnormal but anti-divine. The divine nature created two genders among all living beings that are among humans, animals, birds, flora and fauna. If Adam and Eve were not there in the beginning, we are not there. Had divine nature created either only two Adams or only two Eves, we would not have been here existing. If two quite opposite genders were not created i.e. female and male this many animals, birds ocean beings and human population would not have existied, similarly this much of flora and fauna would not have been spread and... (more)

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Observations from Obama’s Richmond Rally

By Josh Marks, published on May 7, 2012

President Barack Obama officially kicked off his 2012 re-election campaign on Saturday, May 5th with stops at Ohio State University in Columbus and Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. It was significant that college students in swing states were targeted as young voters in closely contested states such as Ohio and Virginia could mean the difference between winning and losing.

President Obama has repeatedly made the case for upgrading America's crumbling infrastructure, including the need for improved passenger train service such as high-speed rail, so it was fitting that I... (more)

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Henny-Penny Fears About Deficit Spending: A Tired Old Tale

By John Nelson, published on Apr 25, 2012

...we had wiped out our debt and had amassed a budget surplus. Perot’s grandchildren did not inherit the Reagan/Bush debts of 1992. The ceiling did not fall as Perot naively predicted.

In 2008, under George W. Bush the stock market crashed again. Bush immediately began deficit spending. Obama inherited an economy in freefall and has continued deficit spending to avoid a depression. Once the cycle changes and we see sustained recovery we can make necessary adjustments to the tax codes, ease spending, and wipe out the debt. Deficit spending at times of economic crisis is not a... (more)

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Round One: In Which Mitty Gets His Oats

By Notumbus Bumbus, published on Apr 24, 2012

...(don't want to upset those tea-sipping mooks), and That Guy In The White House is finding himself in a minefield planted by his own troops (Vegas, Columbia, everybody just wants to have fun, I suspect.) Mitt trots out his runner-up horse Marco Polo, but cinches the harness up too tight, while Obama's Best Bud Biden takes on a near-sepulcheral air, eliciting funereal snide asides. The rhetoric, ala Bultler, makes none of us give a damn, but fiddle-de-dee if we aren't going to have to bear up under it's daily assault, yet come out of it with less knowledge, from either side of the ring,... (more)

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Dangerous Ground

By Randy Mitchell, published on Mar 28, 2012

Human nature dictates we all love getting something for nothing. No matter if it’s hitting the sweepstakes jackpot, being picked for a job you really weren’t qualified for, scoring a free tank of gas with your next fill up at the local 7-Eleven, or a winning hand in Vegas, it’s in our genes from the moment we’re born till the day we die. But realistically, part of being a responsible adult knows what crosses the line between getting something for nothing, morally and legally, or the same abusively, therefore making others pay simply because a structure’s in place allowing some to walk through... (more)

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Oil and Blood

By Randy Mitchell, published on Mar 13, 2012

... down significantly? No. But psychologically, it would’ve been worth its weight in gold, showing the members of OPEC that we are beginning the drive toward other sources for our energy needs. The dictator, Hugo Chavez I can assure you popped corks on many bottles of champagne when he learned of Obama’s decision. Why? Chavez’s nation supplies a great amount of our oil. They want our money, although they despise our very existence. So, why would Obama help him and other nations who hold knives to our throats making us super-dependent on their black nectar? After all, he famously said... (more)

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Crying For America

By Randy Mitchell, published on Feb 27, 2012

... morsels so they can live like royalty. Hmm, sounds a little like the C-word type of government, no? In a nutshell, it’s all about control. And control to the liberal elite is everything.

I entitled this article, “Crying for America.” Why? I’m fearful of what may come this year. If Obama is re-elected, America will never have the same respect, power, and affluence it once had. This president clearly has his, and those who placed him in office, an agenda which is destructive in comparison to what our founding fathers wanted for us all. He’s clearly anti-business, hates the... (more)

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The Battle of the Wookies

By Notumbus Bumbus, published on Dec 16, 2011

...course correct in having that wondering. (Thank you, Sarah, for the wonderful editing. Couldn't have doing this without you betcha.) We feel the American People deserve a choice, which they have never really had before. Not even George Bush was a choice. Well, not for you, anyway. And this Obama person, hardly a choice there, basically, just shoved down the throats of the American People by those Commie liberal scum. But we aim to put an end to that, and right quicker-ly. Having a choice is the American Way, unless it's about abortion (baby killing) or living next to a power plant. ... (more)

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Once upon a time, we dared to “dream”

By Amo, published on Nov 15, 2011

...sedge, and the end results is anyone’s guess. However I submit, what we’re witnessing today, if not challenged, will have far more lasting consequences to our culture then any conflict to our nation.

Nothing illustrates this better then the 2008 election, upon taking office President Obama was faced with an immediate crisis…the potential financial collapse of our economy, however Obama also saw within the crisis an opportunity to infuse his preconceived radical ideology to “"Fundamentally Transforming the United States of America", and the insightful comments by his Chief-... (more)

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The Death Of Decency

By paulwylie, published on Oct 1, 2011

Having survived two tours of duty in Iraq, and having been involved in some of the fiercest fire fights in Fallujah, the marine whom I met about three years ago in a bar in New Hampshire returned home missing not just the lower portion of both of his legs, but according to everyone who knew him, he returned missing a piece of his soul.

I met this man quite by accident in a small bar in Dec. of 2004 because I happened to be in the same little hole in the wall as he just before he was going to be shipped overseas. He was smartly dressed in fatigues, neatly pressed, and had that military... (more)

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