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Complacence And Banality In Las Vegas

By Brain, published on Jan 16, 2008

...cry (which America apparently likes), as they are pummeled by their opponents, but they’d also get to see them bleed (I hope), and lord knows how much us Americans like to see someone bleed for a cause.

Not to mention the level of mudslinging taking place between the Democrats. Obama calls Clinton a racist because she said something true, (that while Martin Luther King bought civil rights to the steps of Washington D.C., President Johnson was the one who was able to take those ideas and put them into legislation) while Clinton brings up Obama’s former cocaine use, as if... (more)

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The Government Is Really Broken

By D. E. Carson, published on Jan 14, 2008 make it worse.

The Federal Government has proven time and time again that it cannot manage money. The government of the United States is the most inefficient government, in terms of fiscal responsibility the world has ever known. And yet, fools like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama think that it can be trusted with health care! Talk about stupid.

Remember my tirade against the post office a year ago? (Yeah, I’d like to forget it too.) There was an underlying anger of which I wasn’t completely aware until I went back and read it again myself a... (more)

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Iowa Tough On Coronation

By D. E. Carson, published on Jan 6, 2008

...every state – effectively establishing her coronation as the Democrat’s far and away choice for president.

Iowa saw things a little bit different.

In a state whose black population amounts to only about 2%, Senator Barack Obama took a very commanding lead of the Iowa caucus, with John Edwards holding on to the number two spot leaving Senator Clinton to lick her wounds and wonder what the hell happened. Since the junior senator from New York doesn’t have the time nor the inclination to reflect on what her poor ... (more)

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Can Newt Change My Apathy?

By rjlight, published on Aug 9, 2007

I was raised in a household split down political lines. My father was a card-carrying-Rush-Ditto-head, and my mother a moderate Democrat. I would wake up to Saturday morning discussions of politics between my father and my passionately-democratic brother's; my mother didn't get too involved. I guess in many ways it was ideal -- most families only hear about red or blue -- I got both sides all the time. After spending plenty of time listening to Rush Limbaugh high on Vicodin, and then listening to what my Democratic side of the family had to say, I came to a conclusion: all politicians were... (more)

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Senator Obama Declares War On Privacy; Republicans Shrug

By GreatMinds, published on May 16, 2007

Senator Obama justified the tax-and-spend tactic on the wealthy because, as he said, the wealthy do not need the money as much as middle class people do and can better afford to pay the higher taxes. Federal tax policy has not historically developed around the wealthy's need for their money. In fact, the entire "pay their fair share" theory of graduated income taxation was never based on need; the fairness issue was rooted in comparative ability to pay. In 1895, the United States Supreme Court struck down a law that would have imposed a two percent annual income tax on personal incomes... (more)

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Liberally Speaking

By Cecelia Hendryx, published on Dec 11, 2006

...States? On the other hand, that's a higher bar than the one George W. Bush met: breathing. So, now, I guess I could sound Kerryesque myself, in reverse, and say, I was against Hillary before I was for her (however begrudgingly). But no - Whom I want to like even more for '08 is Barack Obama, because Oprah ordered it... But really, wouldn't his election finally take America down that long-neglected road toward real equality for African-Americans? I hestitate to get too excited about an Obama presidential candidacy, though, because, well, this is still America, where... (more)

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Crying For America

By Randy Mitchell, published on Oct 16, 2018

... morsels so they can live like royalty. Hmm, sounds a little like the C-word type of government, no? In a nutshell, it’s all about control. And control to the liberal elite is everything.

I entitled this article, “Crying for America.” Why? I’m fearful of what may come this year. If Obama is re-elected, America will never have the same respect, power, and affluence it once had. This president clearly has his, and those who placed him in office, an agenda which is destructive in comparison to what our founding fathers wanted for us all. He’s clearly anti-business, hates the... (more)

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