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New York Acquittal An Indictment On Racism In America

By D. E. Carson, published on Apr 26, 2008

... Of course that Hitler was a white man is a factual piece of evidence that is overlooked when anti-Semites gather together. Then let’s make sure to call up Jeremiah Wright and ask him about where the letters “KKK” fit into “USA”. Finally, we need to get Michelle Obama on the horn and ask her exactly what she meant when she said that she is finally able to be proud of America. Hang up that phone, you idiot! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that she means that she thinks America is an evil racist nation because no black man has ever... (more)

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And The Winner Is...

By D. E. Carson, published on Apr 21, 2008

...But if you rely on polls, you will find yourself fighting in the Supreme Court over hanging chads in Florida. Being as that I was at work, calling in to Mr. O’Reilly was not an option (although I may e-mail this column to him anyway).

My answer to the question is that Barack Obama will pull it out but it’s not going to be a sweep or a landslide. It is going to be merely a residual effect of his popularity and the numbers are going to be very, very close. Here’s how I figure.

Obama has been riding on a wave of popularity. The funny thing about... (more)

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Obama Alienates Middle Class

By D. E. Carson, published on Apr 13, 2008

Sometimes it’s fun to just sit and watch people make fools of themselves. The best part is that sometimes it doesn’t take long for them to shove their foot so far into their mouth that they actually swallow their belt.

I’ve pretty much stayed away from criticizing Barack Obama too heavily because 1) he’s new to the national political arena and 2) I don’t want to come off as racist. He’s only been a U.S. Senator for a couple of years now and really has too little experience to be president. That said, my second reason for leaving him alone is because when I go after someone, I want it... (more)

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Liberal Lies Are S. O. P.

By D. E. Carson, published on Apr 12, 2008

...this are saying to yourself, “Yes, but having the liberals in charge isn’t a bad thing.” Trust me; you don’t want the George Soros-type of liberals in charge. Most of your moderate liberals and your fence-riding liberals are even scared of the George Soros/Media Matters crowd. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are currently in lock step with the Soros crowd for the sole purpose of getting the nomination because without the backing of Soros, they don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of getting passed the convention. It’s even possible that this is why Al Gore, left-wing... (more)

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We're Black And We're... Very Similar

By randomjo, published on Apr 7, 2008

Barak Obama is like Kanye West Because:

The most obvious, the Illinios connection

Should heed the saying "It is better to be silent and let people assume you are dumb than to open your mouth and remove every doubt."

Case in point: Sometimes does not think before he speaks, often resulting in a maginficent media circus and perfect fodder for the late-night talk shows.

Sometimes says stupid shit on TV or in front of major media outlets.

Has a song written for him.

Has legions of adoring fans.

Is Idealistic, to a fault. an endearing yet problematic... (more)

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The Obama Dilemma

By Amo, published on Mar 30, 2008

Before I go any further its worth noting, that I, and I would imagine countless others who are independent of party lines, view Senator Obama as a positive and inspirational force on the political landscape, and I truly believe that he doesn’t subscribe to Wright’s incinerating, divisive and hate filled views. However, it does bring into question Obama’s judgment, and perhaps even his truthfulness.

For almost two decades, Senator Obama, along with his wife and children attended the Trinity Unity Church of Christ, a Chicago based church, headed by his “spiritual... (more)

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Aspiring Journalist Excited To Write For Online Paper

By Aaron S., published on Mar 27, 2008


Harwick checks the broowaha Wire daily, but so far hasn't found anything of significant interest. Besides for her promising articles on pigeons and the cuteness factor of ducks in ponds, she does plan on writing stories with a dramatic perspective. Leads include: I support Barack Obama really and not because everyone else does; Fun things you can do with your iMac; I almost got mugged by a Black man!; and if time permits, a retelling of how she fell off her bike one day and needed five stitches on her elbow. Her worldy experience - traveling to Canada one night for a hockey... (more)

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Obama Sidesteps Condemnation Of Church Pastor

By D. E. Carson, published on Mar 18, 2008

I watched a replay of Senator Obama’s response to recent publication of comments made by Jeremiah Wright from the pulpit of the Trinity United Church of Christ. In true slick fashion, Obama made the whole issue into a debate about racism in America and failed to acknowledge (or more appropriately ignored) the real issue at hand. The question still remains: “Does Obama really believe and hold in his heart those things which Wright said?”

Among his comments today, Obama did acknowledge that Mr. Wright said some things from the pulpit that are controversial... (more)

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Dog Supports Obama

By Jack Collie, published on Mar 15, 2008

After watching the presidential debates and listening to countless pundits, I believe Barack Obama is the best candidate to serve the needs of Canine Americans.

He is the candidate of hope. I know this because it said so on all the VOTE FOR OBAMA lawn signs I’ve peed on. (From dogs that’s an act of endorsement, not disrespect.) Understand, my days are spent lying on the front porch waiting patiently for something to break up the monotony of my tired, predictable existence. Maybe the mailman will arrive early or the neighbor kids will squirt me with the hose or a loud truck... (more)

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"An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove"

By Geddy, published on Mar 5, 2008

...the storm clouds jostle for position, occasionally tossing a few salvos. In the premature twilight, window rattling thunderclaps remind me just who is in charge. Mother Nature. All of this seems apropos here in Houston on the eve of the Democratic primaries in Texas. Much like Clinton and Obama, we are hoping for clearing skies come Wednesday.

I have never been much involved in Presidential elections, voting only one time in my fifty-three years. This one has captured my attention, though, as it has the rest of the nation. Between Mrs. C and Barack O B there has been one... (more)

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