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Many In Body, One In Mind

By wolviela, published on Nov 5, 2008

As I listened last night to the speech of our newly elect-President Obama, I focused in on these words in the title of my article that I'm pretty sure were spoken. This primarily in partbecause I am a Buddhist. My practice is of the Nichren Dashonion sect, in which we look within ourself to make ourselves a better person to contribute to world peace. Last night I believe that Americans were not only looking for change, but looked inside themselves. President-Elect Obama, I believe has been doing that for years, no matter what faith he practices.

I am only 34 years old and a product... (more)

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Why America Needs To Be United

By C.rus, published on Nov 5, 2008

Yes, Yes, I understand "Change" is cliche. Yes, Yes, I realize that many conservatives believe that Obama and the democratic party had misled the population into "buying" their message.

Regardless, We NEED to stand together. NO ONE is pushing out conservatives; and yes, the next four years will be much different from the last four; but if bickering continues the only outcomes will not be pretty.

Do not be bitter because of a loss, but be happy that it came so close. America is divided, and if conservatives think that undermining a new goverment will mend their hurt: They... (more)

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Change!?!?!?!?!?!? New Change For The U.S.A.

By Chedvah, published on Nov 5, 2008

The uproar in the United States of America after the new President elect, Barack Obama was announced early this morning (G.M.T) was deafening, applauded heavily but yet it seemed long in coming. The road to an Obama victory was paved with twists and turns, pebbles and eventually smooth landings. With some talk about the “honey moon being short for the victorious democrats and a fast period of disenchantment to follow,” it is indeed okay to block out all the ‘bruu ha ha’ for some time and enjoy this joyous moment.

I have followed the USA Election 2008 with calm reserve, heavily impressed... (more)

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Yes!!! President Elect Barack Obama November 4, 2008

By Kim, published on Nov 5, 2008

...that resides in the souls of so many this night. I cannot express my feelings, my heart, my soul at this moment as I'm sure many would echo my words. As I watched, MY President Elect give his speech, gentle tears were in my eyes and I saw the eyes of others watching the speech President Obama share so profoundly with humility. He spoke of his appreciation, his devotion, his passion and love and need for the people who had elected him President of the United States of America.

Many have called this a historic moment, a great step forward, and a path towards healing the past.... (more)

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Behold The New Amerika

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 4, 2008

Watching Fox News shows a lot of votes going into the blue column. Obama currently holds 200 electoral votes and McCain holds a mere 90. If you ask ABC News, it's 200 to 124. Either way, it's looking like Amerika is about go the way of the dodo bird.

On the day the Constitutional congress concluded, Benjamin Franklin was asked, "What kind of government have you given us, Dr. Franklin?" His response was, "A republic, madam, if you can keep it."

Today, the republic of America has been given away. Should Democrats secure more seats in the House and Senate, it will be the first... (more)

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Senator John Mccain For President

By Amo, published on Nov 3, 2008

...lust are all strong and powerful emotions, and yet honesty and trust, for me, eventually decides the outcome…without it, no relationship can endure. We may love a candidate’s style, his appearance, his demeanor, and yet we may feel uneasy about him, and so it is with me and Senator Obama.

Why the uneasiness?

One would think that after 12-months of none stop campaigning, watching Senator Obama debating the likes of Senator Hillary Clinton, in the primaries, and then Senator McCain in the general election, that one would get a measure of the man. I simply... (more)

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Is Barack Obama A Socialist?

By D. E. Carson, published on Oct 31, 2008

No man can know the heart of another, so it is impossible to say with 100% certainty that Obama is a socialist.


In a 1991 interview with a Chicago NPR station, Obama lamented that a casualty of the Civil Rights movement was that the United States Supreme Court had not “broken free of the constraints of the Constitution” and assumed the authority to “redistribute the wealth” and that redistribution is a cause that should be taken up by the legislative branch of the federal government.

More recently, Barack Obama spoke to average American Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Worzelbacher... (more)

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Poli Sci For 2nd Graders

By CCNY, published on Oct 29, 2008

This past Monday,my son, a 2nd grader here in Queens, NY, came home and told me that his library teacher had read aloud to them from a children's book about Barack Obama's life. He proceeded to tell me several details fromObama's story and it got me wondering: did the teacher also read a book to the class about John McCain?

It sounds silly to be stumping for equal time in a 2nd grade class, but in the interest of fairness, I thought if they're teaching this as a current event, why wouldn't they read from a McCain book as well, right? When I askedmy sonif he knew who else was running... (more)

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Smooth Grooves At "taste Of Soul"

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Oct 22, 2008

...several special guests before the final act took the stage. Brittany Williams-2008 Miss Black California USA Talented Teen urges the crowd to register to vote before the deadline of October 20. Vocalist David Redic performed “Season of Change” which is the theme song for the Barack Obama Presidential Campaign. David also performed at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado, August 2008.

The grand finale of the 3rd Annual Taste of Soul featured Brian McKnight and Friends. Jon B sang for the crowd who were anxiously waiting to see Brian McKnight. Brian... (more)

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Picking A President: Issues Candidates Are Ignoring

By Lumiere, published on Oct 10, 2008

...and eliminate some Congressional Staff. Bush has stated on several occasions that he thinks the Constituion is "just a piece of paper" well so are the job descriptions of everyone on Capital Hill.We elected you in, we sure as hell can pull you out by request or by Revolutionary force. Neither Obama or McCain represent the 'average citizen' with the heiress fortune on one hand, high paying government salaries, corporate sponsorshipsand a$991,296dual income on the other. They have no literal comprehension of the needs of theaverage, 80% ofAmerican citizens whoreceive a minimum wage of $6.55 ... (more)

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