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Did A Comic Book Predict The Omaba Presidency

By freestrike, published on Jan 15, 2009

...the president of 1986, then Barbara Gordon (aka Batgirl) as the president of 1997. The next story takes place in they year 2008 and shows an African American in the White House as the Commander in Chief.

Could this be another example of Byrne’s Nostradamus like ability? Of course Barack Obama will never officially be president during the year 2008, but he was elected president during this year. Hopefully Obama’s presidency will not turn out to be curse like but it could definitely reinforce the belief that Byrne’s comic’s can sometimes predict the future.


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Senate Appointee Burris Rejected

By D. E. Carson, published on Jan 6, 2009

Roland Burris was rejected today from taking his place in the recently vacated seat of President Elect Barack Obama (PEBO). Burris was appointed by Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich in accordance with the requirements of the Seventeenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

“I will not be accepted, I will not be seated.” Burris told a group of reporters at an impromptu news conference across the street from the U.S. Capitol. “I am not seeing to have any type of confrontation.” Burris said, but he did indicate that if necessary, he would file necessary paperwork to have... (more)

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Musings Over A Bad Boy Leaving Town

By Chedvah, published on Dec 22, 2008

...strong alliances and having a majority seat in the Security Council gives her an advantage. Although the talk of the town is still about the ‘shoe bomber,’ it shouldn’t come as a surprise to the George Bush camp that this event occurred. As we await with baited breath for President elect Obama to take office, whilst an incumbent President seems unruffled by the current upsurge of the ‘fed up’ masses, some food for thought for the ‘Presidency of the United States of America-’ should be, to take some lessons for the future from the dramatics surrounding President George Bush,... (more)

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Same Pinhead Twice The Hate

By D. E. Carson, published on Dec 8, 2008

Yesterday, December 7, Jeremiah Wright stepped back into familiar territory as he preached a sermon from his beloved Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago for the first time since Barack Obama was elected president. Carson’s Corner doesn’t know if the president-elect or his biggest fan (Doprah) were in attendance however, it was no secret that Wright was “in da house!”

“Today”, Wright said, “Is December Seventh. The day America attacked Japan and killed thousands of Japanese civilians with an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Two days later, America killed more Japanese civilians in Nagasaki.”

... (more)

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Time's Joe Klein: The Lamest Writer

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 26, 2008

... such words as “stupefying ineptitude”, “final humiliation”, “overweening arrogance”, “paralytic incompetence” and the ultimate insult of all, “the lamest of all possible ducks”, Klein leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that he is a raging, left wing radical who bought into the Obama Zombie mantra of “change, change, change … Bush is bad … Obama is God … Give us the anointed one.”

Klein’s own incompetence as a journalist is overwhelming through his article. He patronizes Bush saying, “I’ve been feeling sorry for Bush lately, a feeling partly induced... (more)

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The Gay Tea Party

By Lumiere, published on Nov 18, 2008

The same week theUnited Statesmade history, when millions of people turned out in mass numbers to flip the Republicanswitch to Democratic and elect Obama, it seemed for a moment as though our country took ten steps forward for equality. Yet at the same timethe United Statestook three steps back as theGLBT communitylost the marriage ballot and adoption rights in California, Florida and Arizona.

In the year 2000, California voters passed Proposition 22 whichprevented the state from recognizing gay marriageby a margin of 61.4% to 38.6%. Eight years later on Election day fully 48% of Californians... (more)

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Meet The New President: Oprah!

By Ed Attanasio, published on Nov 11, 2008

When Barack Obama made his acceptance speech in Chicago last week, the cameras kept flashing on Oprah leaning on and weeping all over some guy who is now a media star. Everything Oprah touches (I don't need to even mention her last name, that's how famous she is) turns into gold! The woman was glowing like a Chernobyl baby!

After supporting him early on and actually going on the road and campaigning for Obama, Oprah must now certainly believe that she's a president maker, in addition to being the highest paid woman on TV. Will the President-Elect now feel obligated to keep her involved?... (more)

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Barack Obama Entre Dans L'histoire

By Lyn, published on Nov 7, 2008

...intégré dans l’Histoire? Le 44ème président et pour la première fois: Afro-Américain fut élu et accède à la Maison Blanche. Bien que les résultats furent prévisibles pour une majorité pour Barack Obama, toute l’Amérique et ainsi que toutes les nations du monde entier restèrent en haleine face à cette élection décisive en temps de crise économique débuté à l’origine du fait de l’épisode des subprimes qui a... (more)

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Nov 5, 2008 Is Just The Beginning

By Lady D, published on Nov 5, 2008

Well Obama got elected, Yeah!!! So you voted and you think you have done your part. Oh contraire! If you really want the change that Barrack has talked about, he is going to need our help.

Remember the constitution starts with the words “We the people… So it is time “We the people” don’t depend on a few people to take care of us. It takes work to keep this country moving into the 21st century. Our attititude has to change about how we want our society to evolve.

That seems like a tall order and may be overwhelming for many. So how about starting... (more)

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Dear President Elect Obama

By baynurse, published on Nov 5, 2008

Thank You, President Elect Obama

Dear Mr. Obama, I am writing to show gratitude for your decision to choose to be the leader of a nation that has been led to believe and behave in the worst of ways. A country that once claimed itself a leader in democracy, justice, and liberty for all, and has been led to its own demise of these principles, and worse, led into the demise of integrity, honesty, and consideration for our planet, community, neighbors, and families, and ourselves. This country almost arrived at it’s own chaotic end. The degredation of a once united people... (more)

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