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Reality Finally Sets In

By Amo, published on Feb 8, 2009

Within just two weeks into his administration President Obama’s massive “stimulus package” is loosing steam among the people that truly count…the American tax payer. Support for this massive spending bill currently working its way through congress went from a 45% favorable rating, to an astounding reversal of 37%.

The Rasmussen Report, one of the nations most respected polling organizations, has just released its latest national telephone survey and found 37% favor this massive spending package, while 43% are opposed, and 20% are not sure. In laymen’s... (more)

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President Obama Is Not Cho Mama

By baynurse, published on Feb 7, 2009

President Obama is not going to clean our house, do our homework, or save our planet. We have to take responsiblility for our own actions and behaviors. There ain't no BAIL OUT PLAN for mother earth. She is all that we have, one earth, one planet. Take care of her or lose her. Ifwe like this planet and wish to remain on it, or plan to leave it for our children. Thenwe better take care of it. If you collect antiques, you know the well taken care of ones are more valuable, same as this planet, take care of her and her value will continue for eons more.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, yes it can... (more)

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Reagan Era Republicans: Will They Be The Ones "left Behind"?

By john robertson, published on Feb 2, 2009

...dominion, or until it is proven to be false and forgotten into obscurity. Our new leader preaches “change”. Indeed, things do change. Bonanza Gold Inc. has a new board of directors and a new name: Inspired Media Entertainment. It also has struck a new deal with Tyndale House Publishers to distribute millions of more copies.

However, as the old saying goes, the more things change the more they stay the same. Barack Obama chose Pastor Rick Warren to open the inauguration with a prayer; a not so subtle acknowledgement that they still walk among us.


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Where Have All The Dollars Gone?

By Amo, published on Feb 1, 2009

... he must still at some point begin to “govern”.

The mainstream media for its part, has all but abandoned its traditional adversarial roll, and at times reminds me more of what one sees coming out of the Kremlin. Sadly the media has been a willing accomplice, in promoting the Obama myth, and I suspect they’ll give him the benefit-of-doubt, on all most any controversial issue coming out of this administration. The danger of course, is that ideology, may once again trump unbiased reporting.

How else can one explain why the media hasn’t vigorously... (more)

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It's Time For Change

By Michael R. Gauthier, published on Jan 27, 2009

...changed by that very idea itself: change.

Watching all the Inauguration Day activities I was overwhelmed with excitement. People crying, hugging, chanting, dancing, running down the streets… At some point I thought about what this scene would have been like if it were not Obama’s inauguration, but McCain’s. I just don’t think the picture would look same. Sure, there is a strong distaste in many mouths over the past administration and even McCain would represent some form of change, but just having something a little different was not a solution... (more)

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Youthful Spirit At Super Bowl Week In Tampa

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Jan 26, 2009

Youthful Spirit at Super Bowl XLIII Week

Tampa-The nation and the world's attention has its site on my

hometown/place of birth, after the historic inauguration of President Barack Obama in Washington D.C.

Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida is the site of Super Bowl XLIII between the Pittsburg Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals.

The weather in Tampa is pleasant mid 70's.This a welcomerespite from the freezing temperature of a week ago.

There is a mind boggling, dizzying variety of events throughout the city leading up to the big game. Current... (more)

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The Day The Gym Stood Still

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Jan 20, 2009

...let it ruin my focus. Part of me was curious as I would glance over to the corner to check out what was about to become history in the making.

The gym was quiet in the early part of the morning and not a lot of people showed up yet. The main reason for this is because of the Barack Obama Inauguration.

By the start of his speech I was warmed up and loose with the beginnings of sweat beads on my fore-head. I wasn't going to stop now. I was shadow boxing in one of the two rings and in between rounds I would sneak peaks over at the television set. The boom-box of rap music... (more)

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The Obama Rap Song

By baynurse, published on Jan 20, 2009

Save the drama for your mama‘Cuz my president’s ObamaI would have suffered trauma If a freaky hockey mamaWould have been the selectionOf another rigged electionMaking babie's what she doesHer fashion's all the buzzSpending bout 150kYour tax dollars went to paywith grandbaby on the way[Pause]Hunting bears and moose and duckLotsa guns up in her truckAnd 5 babies run a muck[Pause]I’ll continue on my rant,Cuz McCain should be McCan’tHe knows how to choose his womenCuz in money he be swimminObama’s baby’s mamaSportin class and not dramaShowing us and all the world... (more)

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The Great American Work Farce

By baynurse, published on Jan 16, 2009

...rather than unemployment?  Apparently the employment line is illegal. But unemployment isn’t.

News reports that Palo Alto California has had a rash of robberies by  black man in a do-rag, so the chief of police ordered all black men be stopped and questioned.  I hope President  Obama comes in for a surprise visit, I will personally get him a  do-rag.  The white female chief of police just doing her job.  I guess a white man took my country, stop and question all white men running for office.  Ask them why are they there, do a background check and a breathalizer test,... (more)

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Obama Stimulus Plan Comes At A High Price

By D. E. Carson, published on Jan 15, 2009

...programs and increases in property tax bills.  After that comes #25 billion in subsidies to laid-off workers to cover health insurance, $35 billion for extended unemployment benefits and $20 billion increase in food stamp benefits.

Where is this money going to come from?  Especially if Obama is going to be cutting taxes for the middle class?  Does he really think that by cutting taxes on the middle class and increasing taxes on the rich is going to generate enough revenue to pay for all of this?

This conversation has been proposed before but this time it needs to be spelled ... (more)

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