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Headline Potpourri #2

By FMeekins, published on Jul 22, 2009

At least my God never forgets His word. That is more than can be said of Pseudomessiah Barack Obama. The President confessed to knowing nothing of the provision in the healthcare bill that would forbid insurance companies from enrolling new applicants once the legislation goes into effect. Thus, he is either a liar or a halfwit. Take your choice.Walter Cronkite might have been the most trusted man in America, but that trust might have been misplaced. According to a number of retrospectives published since his passing, one could legitimately conjecture that his support for America was questionable... (more)

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An Honest Look at a Dishonest Presidency

By D. E. Carson, published on Jul 19, 2009

...just so they could have a “date night”.

You’d be angry as all hell and would demand some kind of investigation.  But the truth is, George W. Bush didn’t do any of these things.  These offenses were committed by the man who currently holds the title of President, Barack Hussein Obama.

So why in the hell aren’t you equally as outraged?  In fact, you should be more outraged at Obama’s apparent lack of work ethic at all.  During the first three months he was president, he spent more time on that “spiffy” Air Force One than he did at the White House.

... (more)

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Celebrating 4th Of July: The Declaration Of Independence

By Andreas Klamm, published on Jul 5, 2009 unto this day the Fourth of July is celebrated and will be celebrated in the future also as a National Holiday by millions of people in the United States of America.

On July 4, 2009, 233 years later, the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama has made the statement:

“This weekend, our family will join millions of others in celebrating America. We will enjoy the glow of fireworks, the taste of barbeque, and the company of good friends. As we all celebrate this weekend, let's also remember the remarkable... (more)

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Ash Grove Summer Intra-national Event, July 12th

By T. Conboy, published on Jul 1, 2009

...since the November election and billed as “Beyond November – Party with a Purpose” - bringing together an assortment of artists, advocacy and social action organizations, to entertain, to inform and to enthuse by tapping into the vast energy for positive change sparked by the Obama campaign. The culmination this year will be a large free Summer Festival in August 2009 that will feature musical guests, community artists and speakers, in addition to an area where health, housing and other service organizations will provide direct counseling, referrals and aid to people in... (more)

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Glorious Juneteenth Celebration In Santa Monica

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Jun 22, 2009

...Thelma Terry Building has some informative, educational exhibits on display of the Buffalo Soldiers- Rescue of Pine Ridge, Tuskegee Airmen, C.O.R.E- Congress of Racial Equality and Orin Z. Belgrave’s Black Facts and Wax Museum exhibit with an unveiling of a wax stature of President Barack Obama. Entertainment in the Thelma Terry Building featured some roof raising performances by SMC Emeritus Gospel Choir, Venice Baptist Church Choir, First AME Church of Santa Monica and Soul on a Wave.

The Youth Stage featured spoken work artists, and creative dances from youth of Santa... (more)

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People Of Dresden: Barack Obama - Welcome, Mr. President !

By Andreas Klamm, published on Jun 5, 2009

By Andreas Klamm, news correspondent

Washington D.C. / Dresden. June 5, 2009. The 44th U.S. President Barack Obama (47) has arrived save on Thursday evening in Germany. On Thursday morning he has addressed a high profile speech at the Cairo University in Egypt. He will stay for about 20 hours in Germany and will meet German chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel from the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU).

German chancellor Mrs Merkel is planning to talk about the peace process in the Middle East, the global financial crisis and other issues with U.S. President... (more)

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A Dysfunctional Party, Leading A Bewildered Nation

By Amo, published on May 17, 2009

...protecting our national security. We live in a dangerous world, and we need to take seriously the dangers that face us, this kind of reckless behavior by the hardcore left of the Democratic Party and senior members of congress for pure partisan politics must stop.

Of course, President Obama’s continued flip flopping certainly hasn’t helped and seems to be a constant theme, within his own administration, in “how to embarrass further the Bush Administration”. How else can one explain the foolish releasing and declassification of “Top Secret” documents pertaining to... (more)

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A Government Paid Cook!

By Risa Peris, published on May 15, 2009

In an undoubtedly disappointing and, some would say, shocking move President Obama has decided to revive the Guantanamo Trials of alleged terrorists. However, President Obama did indicate that the legal rights of those facing the military commissions would be improved. He did not specify the nature of those improvements.

On January 22 of this year Obama had ordered the closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison camp as well as overseas CIA detention centers for terror suspects. Obama declared that he was, by signing the orders, resurrecting “our [American] values and our ideals”. Immediately... (more)

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Drugs Are Nothing New To The Whitehouse.

By Christopher Wager, published on May 11, 2009

Drugs are nothing new to the whitehouse from the days of the royal family of Kennedy today. In fairness, all the attention Bill Clinton receives over “not inhaling “ seems to be out of proportion to that of the standing president. In a Foxnews piece, Obama confessed using drugs at least one time in his life. Bush also admitted to a drinking problem, and many occasions preached about the evils of drinking. It would seem the media once again is picking and choosing its battles on what they find acceptable and what they do not. Could it be that Obama’s influence over... (more)

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L'habit Ne Fait Vraiment Pas Le Moine

By J.N.PAQUET, published on May 11, 2009

...chaine britannique ITV, ils furent plus de 103 millions à visionner la nouvelle star sur YouTube en l’espace de seulement neuf jours ! Faisant de l’interprétation de Susan Boyle la vidéo la plus regardée dans le monde de l’histoire d’internet… loin devant l’investiture de Barack Obama, en janvier dernier ! L’actrice Demi Moore, elle-même, en est devenue fan !

Des spécialistes de la musique parlent déjà de contrats, d’albums, de tournées… et du fait que la Britannique Susan Boyle semblerait capable de percer en Amérique, là où les Robbie Williams,... (more)

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