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The Human Factor in the Age of Technology

By Lumiere, published on Apr 25, 2014

...WORKS for US.

Our Founding Fathers knew exactly what they were writing based on their experiences, enough to inspire them to protect every citizens basic HUMAN RIGHTS.

In 2010, NYC Shelled out almost a Billion in Civil Suits and $735 Million to Settle Civil Rights Cases Against NYPD in 2012. Which is forecast to rise to $815 million by 2016. The NYPD forgot to keep any of this in mind when they launched their Social Media campaign on Twitter. NYPD asked for images and the Public Uploaded images of Police Brutality. Modern Technology took the NYPD by surprise because the... (more)

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Kenneth Hoss is the Author of Storm Rising

By Wrp68, published on Mar 8, 2012

Storm Rising – A Kelli Storm Novel takes place in and around the 33rd Precinct of the NYPD in Washington Heights, NYC. Detective Second Grade Kelli Storm became a Police Officer to follow in her father’s footsteps, a Detective with the 34th Precinct, who was murdered twenty-one years earlier. During the course of a murder investigation, she finds an unexpected link to her father’s killer. During the course of investigating several murders, Kelli shoots and kills the daughter of a retired Drug Kingpin. Soon her life is threatened, her mother kidnapped and her partner and his wife are killed.... (more)

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