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What to Expect on Super Sunday

By Jeff Weisinger, published on Feb 1, 2014

To set the record straight, Super Bowl XLVIII will be played in New Jersey. The fun leading up to and after Super Bowl XLVIII will be in New York City.

Ok, now that that's cleared up, what happens when a powerful force meets an immovable object?

When the AFC Champion Denver Broncos and the NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks meet at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey for the 48th Super Bowl on Sunday, we will find out if the "immovable object" that is Seattle's defense can in fact hold off the powerful force that is Peyton Manning and the Broncos' offense.

Both teams... (more)

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Hurricane Sandy has turned NY/NJ upside-down.

By Lartinos, published on Nov 1, 2012

A lot of people are detached from the world and taking cold showers while their basements are filled with mud and worse as many people are smelling and seeing oil as well. People are getting in fights at gas stations over who is next, as human emotion is getting the best of people. Very chaotic time in NY/NJ, many people lost their cars from this storm as they just floated away. I saw a report that the subways could be partially back tomorrow, but some are still under water still right now. As I look in the East River right now it has been high tide for days in a row here. Hopefully it goes... (more)

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Eva and her spoiled Apple

By Eva Apple, published on Oct 13, 2011

... introducing me to his friends as ‘just like my sister’. Oh well. I will not give up on finding Adam in the Big Apple and despite some juicy apples here and there, I will admit to be a little lost when finding my way to paradise. I note, “to be continued” in my pink logbook and because NYC is all about being on a mission, I will now focus on finding a room to live in. You know, a room where all the magic happens…

CHELSEA When surfing the fakers, dream makers and deal breakers on Craigslist from Amsterdam, I finally notice a beautiful room in Chelsea. For only $750 a... (more)

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By taking off the mask, published on Sep 14, 2010

I Lost myself in the city

looked under every garbage bin

but my courage


and smile

seemed to have been misplaced

I asked the man at the counter

if he's seen them

but he just shook his head and shrugged

I searched in the eyes of a child

but she just cried

I even asked the birds

but they flew away

so I walked aimlessly

looking franticly

trying not to cry

hugging myself

trying not to be afraid

but it seems I lost myself

somewhere in the city today

I... (more)

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Still Missing The Twin Towers

By LiftingMeUp, published on Sep 11, 2010

... pass the George Washington Bridge, then the Empire State Building, then finally approach the downtown area. To my favorite pair of twins. I would always glance backwards out of the car one last time as we entered the Lincoln Tunnel, for one more peek at the WTC from NJ right before we headed into NYC.

My freshman year of college, I attended Pace University, located in downtown Manhattan. Right next to the Brooklyn Bridge, 3 blocks away from the World Trade Center, 3 blocks away from the Seaport, right in the center of the Financial District. It was so exciting to dorm there. I lived... (more)

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Bloomberg Is Not A Kinder And More Accountable Giulliani

By Teresa Montez, published on Jun 24, 2009

...older gay men and offer them sex, when they agree they are arrested and charged with engaging in prostitution : At least 52 men were arrested this way since 2004 some after having refused the officers advances, most took guilty pleas on the advice of their attorneys.

Under Bloomberg, NYC boasts the highest marijuana arrest rate in the country, probably the world, average 97 marijuana arrests per day. Between 1997 and 2007, 52 percent of those arrested were black, 31 percent Latino and only 15 percent white.

The people of NYC have been living under a tyrant for the past... (more)

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