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By Rahul, published on Jan 1, 2014

Goodbyes are always hard -

but this time I’m prepared.

Knew’d never get to say bye -

the way it is mend to be.

But this time I’m prepared -

to cherish each moment -

spent with you, for I knew -

it was time to say bye.

But this time I’m prepared -

to walk with you,

just like you once did,

guiding my tiny steps.

But this time I’m prepared -

to show how much I care.

And to thank you for -

all that I have become.


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The Summer Rain

By Rahul, published on Nov 19, 2013

It began to rain at last,

after a long summer fast.

Wetting dirt, filling hearts

with each cooling drop.

The sun peeked through,

the dark painted smoke.

Painting a piece with -

its seven colour stock.

The valley brought to life,

as the river start to grow.

The wilted greens bellow,

danced in the rain’s mellow.

The elixir of life touched earth,

ending the latent summer and -

life rose out to the crust, to

a new beginning and to life.


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By Rahul, published on Sep 13, 2013

...on the rocks again and again trying to get freed from the man built boundaries and thus adding a hint of adventure to whomever care to stare.

I miss my land and the smell of the breeze that pats her all day long. The sense of smell is a wonderful sensation that can take you to realm of nostalgia. All you have to do is close your eyes and let it into your lungs through your nose; it pokes the brain and drags out the memories that are buried deep within. It’s often the good ones that are awaked in me, when I smell the air as few drops of water wets the thirsty sand; it take me to my... (more)

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Leap of Faith.

By Deanna Meiresonne, published on Jan 31, 2011

People don’t like steps.

They like motions, big ones.

They like to take these leaps of faith and remember that their life, the one they all a sudden once had, even if it were just a moment ago, was a bittersweet one, full of nostalgic remorse.

I look back on so many lives, so many phases of mine, it’s hard to remember which one was the real-est. When do we ever pause in our moments and say, now, everything I feel is me, and everything that I have surrounded myself with is the result of that.

I suppose that’s the continuous struggle with life, isn’t it?

That’s... (more)

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